Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: It Got Cold

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon

I love running in the cold weather.

I run faster. I don’t overheat (as much). I don’t dehydrate (as badly). I trained for my first half marathon in the snow, and I loved it. I’d rather run in 25 degrees and snow than 80 degrees, whether sunny, rainy, or cloudy. My internal temperature of boiling makes me a great fit for winter training.

I Love Running in Cold Weather


I keep track of the weather somewhat regularly, so I knew the cold weather was set to arrive on Sunday. Not just cold weather, but really, really cold weather. Cold weather like we experienced last winter. Negative teens and twenties wind chill kind of cold.

Even Though I Wore Short Sleeves on Wednesday
Of note: I wore short sleeves during my Wednesday run.

Last winter I learned I can run in single digits with sun, no wind chill, and the right gear. I also learned I cannot run in negative temperatures, wind chill or not. That’s my limit.


And so, I didn’t run my six miles yesterday. I don’t feel badly about it. I can run six miles; missing this run won’t make or break my half marathon. Would I feel more accomplished had I run? Sure. But knowing your limits is an important part of training. I’ve learned that time and time again during my training seasons.

Cold Weather Came by Friday
On Friday, I wore two long sleeved shirts, two pair of running tights, a wide headband and a hat, and a pair of gloves. And I got a post-run kiss!

The good news is that I did get in one of my two strength training sessions. The one I missed? I did the same thing as last week: I finished my run and hopped straight in the shower. I didn’t remember the strength training until I stepped out of the shower. Oops. I need to remember that Wednesday and Saturday are strength days!

The bad news? School is canceled tomorrow (and my husband works, meaning no childcare), the cold snap returns on Wednesday, and ugh. I’m going to try and remain patient with myself, flexible with my schedule. A few missed runs won’t negatively affect my half marathon. But goodness, winter, a little break would be nice at this point!

White Out = Treadmill
When your friends in Columbus post on Facebook about White Out conditions, you go to the gym for a treadmill run… and finish your run during the White Out! WHOA!

I don’t know what this week will hold regarding training, runs, weather, school, childcare, and so on. I may do some heavier strength training and a half hour on the elliptical on any days I need to skip a run. (The no childcare means I can’t go to the gym either, so no treadmill run.) I think making an effort to stay very active on skip days (unlike I did yesterday…) will help in the long run.

Here’s hoping!



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2 Replies to “Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: It Got Cold”

  1. I am so over this winter stuff! Like you I love to run in the cold more then the heat… but OMG… we have ALL the ice! My sidewalk currently has 2 inches of solid, rutted ice on it. I can’t even walk on it, let alone run. I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to use the sidewalks till April, since the temperature is staying below freezing for the next month.

    1. Hi Jenna! I’m also a Pgh Marathon blogger and trying to meet the other bloggers. I’m also training for the half and, like you, MUCH prefer running in cold weather to hot. Luckily, I’ve been able to do all my runs outside this year without skipping any. I invested in some windproof shell pants, a face mask, and cold weather socks that all make running in negative wind chills bearable for me. But, it would be nice to run when it’s above 0, ha ha! It looks the absolute worst might be behind us. Fingers crossed!

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