My Goals for 2015

I’ve been thinking about my goals for this new year for awhile now.

Coming off of a difficult year, the desire exists to make massive overhauls to various areas of my life. But I don’t really believe in massive overhaul type resolutions for myself. They often feel too big thus leaving my perfectionist personality immobilized. I fail before I even begin.

I like tangible(ish) goals. I normally set a few very specific goals and few more not-quite-vague-but-not-super-specific goals. Doing this usually results in accomplishing said goals.


And maybe more than ever, I’m learning to be okay with that “usually” part. Attempting to let go of my perfectionism and cut myself some slack isn’t a goal or a resolution for this new year; attempting to view myself as good no matter how perfect my actions will remain a lifelong challenge and endeavor.

Recognizing that, I feel my goals for the new year fit where I am and where I want to end up by the end of the year.

My Goals for 2015

  • 1. Submit once per month.

At least once per month, I want to send my creative work out into the bigger publishing world. I didn’t specify which kinds of work (essay, fiction, poetry, photography, article, etc) as I want to leave the door open to various forms of creativity in this new year.


Note that this goal simply says “run.” I do not expect to set a new Personal Record (PR) on the Pittsburgh Half Marathon course. It’s hilly. It’s in May (hot/humid). I simply want to come into this race with the joy of running in my hometown. Whatever my time, it will be a PR for this course and something I can look to beat in future Pittsburgh half marathons. Training (13 weeks) starts February 1! (PS: I’m $10 from my fundraising goal. Donate and help families dealing with cancer!)

  • 3. Set new PR in full marathon — Columbus?

I’m not 100% certain which fall race I’ll end up choosing (though my heart and feet really love Columbus), but I’m deciding here and now that the race will be a full marathon and that I will work hard to beat my 2014 time (set in Pittsburgh). Training will start in the hot days of summer for a fall full, but I’m ready for the challenge.

  • 4. Prioritize date night — 1x/month.

My husband and I actually do a great job at prioritizing date night and time together, but I’d like to step up our game just a little bit. Sometimes we’ll go for three months with no date and then attempt to shove three dates into a single month. I’d like to do a better job at prioritizing our time together each month so we don’t end up with long stretches with no time together.

  • 5. Prioritize family time.

While this seems simple and very vague, lots of stuff went into choosing this as a goal for the year. Basically, my husband and I recognize the need to place our four person family unit over others wants or demands over our clocks and calendars.

  • 6. Regularly revisit goals — monthly?

Look at me. I’m recognizing that goals require flexibility, revisiting, and even the potential addition of other goals over the year. I want to come back to my goals regularly, check in on how I’m doing, see if I need to up my game in other areas, and be honest with myself.

2015 already feels like it’s off to a great start as we spent a relaxing day as a family, ate an epic meal the two adults made together, and spent time playing games together after dinner. I have high hopes for this year and what it holds.

Let’s do this!



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10 Replies to “My Goals for 2015”

  1. I like writing these down. I really want to shoot for a marathon in 2016. So that means running in 2015. Like a mofo. And getting a fun planner. So I can write down all the goals and check in with them. Good plan, Jenna. Good plan.

    Thanks for the reminder on date night! That’s a good one to have. And I’m off to schedule our babysitter for movie night–American Sniper! That sounds morbid…but the h really wants to see it.

    1. I also want to see it. I love war movies like whoa, and so does he. I’m not really a Cooper fan, but not a non-fan either. Unfortunately, it comes out the week AFTER our date night this month. FIGURES.

      We’re going out this weekend! YAY!

  2. Killer goals for 2015. I also just signed up for the Pittsburgh Half. Coming from perpetually cool San Francisco, I’m not sure I’m ready for the heat.

    I love that you actually write your goals down. Good luck!

    1. Last year it was warm but cloudy through mile 20. Then the sun came out like WHOA. Hoping for slightly cooler/less humid this year even though I’m only running 13.1 — my husband is running the full.

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