The Best Christmas Gift of the Day

The Best Christmas Gift of the Day

I really struggled with The Sickness today. At one point after cleaning up the mess from Christmas Waffles, the room started spinning. To say that I didn’t feel well ranks as a gross understatement.

Still, it was the first Christmas the boys and I spent at home, so I wanted to make a tasty Christmas dinner.

I worked hard over a roast, mashed potatoes, and other side dishes. Writing this now, I just realized I forgot to make one of them, and I blame Medicine Head for my forgetfulness.

Right before we sat down to eat, I started to worry. I felt overly warm due to spending hours in the kitchen and thus my frustration level started to rise too. What if the boys complained about dinner? What if the meat was tough? What if my mashed potatoes were too lumpy? Or too runny? Would I be able to hold it together and be patient despite feeling so awful?

After we sat down to the table and prayed, the boys started to inhale dinner. INHALE.


About five minutes into the meal, BigBrother made me cry.

But good tears.

“Mommy, this meal is so good. It’s like the best present of the day.”

LittleBrother agreed. They both started to go on about the meat and the potatoes and how yummy everything tasted. This all came hours after they declared my waffles for breakfast the “best waffles ever.”

I attempted to lift a bite too my mouth, but my vision blurred. I set down my fork and blinked back a few tears. I didn’t consider that the tears I might shed at the dinner table would be caused by my boys’ big tummies and big love. I didn’t even imagine that they’d declare my meal the best gift of the day.

It took me awhile to clean up after dinner as I hand-washed my grandma’s china and then loaded the dishwasher with the rest of the evening’s dishes and utensils. But I did so with a heart so full of love and appreciation for my family. I also did so with a chest and sinus system full of congestion, but I didn’t feel so awful anymore.



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