52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the End of the Year

The One with the End of the Year

The One with the End of the Year

Another 52 weeks of brotherhood, of family, of marriage, of togetherness, of everything. Done.

We went out to dinner last night. The original plan to go out with the boys on our anniversary, December 18th, didn’t work as both boys were sick. The following week, the adults were sick and, you know, Christmas. And so with two days left to use our coupons, we decided to belatedly follow through with the original plan.

Neither kid complained. Neither boy whined about putting on sweaters.

Each boy delighted in picking their pasta meals, though they ended up with the same thing. They also declared the fettucine alfredo to be “good” but that mine is “much better.” I stole a bite and agreed.


We sat as a family of four and laughed about so many things. I didn’t feel stressed or rushed as we sat together, eating happily and spending time together. As my husband works today, it was our last meal of 2014 eaten together. Our next family meal will take place in 2015. The laughter and, dare I say, joy that settled over our little table yesterday evening seemed a fitting end to the year.

Tonight these two will play video games, dance to the best dance-y songs of 2014, play lots of board games, eat a bunch of yummy food, and attempt to stay up until midnight. I’ll interview them about their year to get some perspective, and we’ll make the most of our time together.

And then they’ll begin another year of their lives, another year of brotherhood.

The One with the End of the Year



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Runner’s World Winter RunStreak Update: FAIL?

Runner's World RunStreak FAIL?!

Runner's World RunStreak FAIL?!

I knew when the kids got sick the week before Christmas, it wasn’t a question of “if” but “when” I would get sick. I did so well. I lasted so long. I nursed them back to complete health, and then…

…the day before Christmas Eve, I started to feel it. I ran Christmas Eve and still did my workout. Christmas Day, I managed to run a mile, but chose not to do my daily workout.

Friday, I ran again but did not do my workout; I should have taken a break. I took an epic nap at my mother-in-law’s house and thought I might feel better the next day. Instead, I coughed all night. Breathing felt awful on Saturday morning, and I decided to finally listen to my body. I didn’t run nor did I do my workout. I still felt awful all day at my parents’ house as we celebrated our Christmas. Come Sunday, I chose to rest again.

Good choice.


I woke up today feeling mostly human. I ran this morning and did just over half of my workout. It’s going to take a few days for me to find my breath and endurance and strength.

While I didn’t complete the full RunStreak, I count listening to my body as a Win. There was a time, not too long ago, when I wouldn’t stop even when I knew I needed to. I’ve come a long way, baby.

Monday, December 22, Day 26: 1.01 miles, 9:30, 9:23/pace
Tuesday, December 23, Day 27: 1.01 miles, 9:42, 9:37/pace
Wednesday, December 24, Day 28: 2.05 miles, 19:13, 9:24/pace
Thursday, December 25, Day 29: 1.05 miles, 10:13, 9:46/pace
Friday, December 26, Day 30: 1.02 miles, 10:25, 10:10/pace
Saturday, December 27, Day 31: Sick.
Sunday, December 28, Day 32: Sick.

I think making it 30 days during the holidays while my family brought home The Sickness accounts for more a win than a fail, so I will continue running. I’ve activated my gym membership, a gift from my husband, and will begin some treadmill runs to start working on pacing for spring races.