Christmas Tree Farm Day, 2014

Today we embarked on our annual trip to Feisley Tree Farm. The rest of our day requires no words.

Getting Ready to Go

Happy Boys

Tractor Rides

The Beautiful House

Walking to the Fraser Firs

Measuring the Tree


In the Trees

Can I Stay?

The girl behind the tree said, LOOK AT THIS ONE!


They're Excited About the Tree

Cutting It Down

Watching Daddy

Dragging It to the Road

A Lovely Day



The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

4 Replies to “Christmas Tree Farm Day, 2014”

  1. Whatever you may have paid for that tree, the experience and the memories are truly priceless. Our annual day-after-Thanksgiving found me in tears of gratitude this year as I watched my very own “Little Brother” carrying our beloved Grandsweetie around in a backpack…at the same tree farm where I’d once carried him that way more than 35 years ago.
    Life is very good, indeed.

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