Friday Five: 5 Things I’m Doing This Weekend

The weekend after Thanksgiving means all the things, apparently.

Here are five things I’m (-slash- we’re) doing this weekend.

1. CHRISTMAS TREE! We’ll be visiting Feisley Tree Farm again to get our Christmas Tree. It’s probably my most favorite holiday tradition ever that we’ve created for ourselves, second only to our Christmas Eve together.

2. And all the other decorations for the holiday. After I finished up some work today, I started hauling out the holiday decorations. The holiday closet in the storage side of the basement is a wreck right now, and I didn’t get everything done I wanted to get done today… but things are looking good. I love Christmas. Like whoa.

3. Speaking of Christmas, PARADE! Tomorrow evening, Santa arrives on a fire truck in our town. We’ll be there. Obviously.


4. Working out and running. I ate like a very hungry human being on Thanksgiving—and lost a pound. I ran and did my workout that morning before we ate all the food. Today, I ran and did my workout before I worked and started decorating. Tomorrow, I’ll run and workout before we head off to get our tree. Sunday, I’ll run before church. All of this physical movement helps me deal with the ZOMG of the season.

5. Working on our Advent Activity Calendar. Monday starts our annual Advent Activity Calendar. I need to sit down with our schedule(s) and the calendar and map out what we’ll be doing over the next few weeks. I want to add in some new things and I want to continue some of the traditions we’ve started over the past four years. I also need to make one more envelope as we somehow lost Christmas Eve last year.

Advent 2014

I have a million other things to do this weekend. (Laundry! Cooking food! Laundry! Blogging! Laundry! Laundry! Church! Laundry!) I love this season, even with all of the hard that comes along with it. My goal is to keep my focus on the good while acknowledging and breathing through the not-so-good. We’ll see….



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  1. So glad to be reminded of your Advent Activity Calendar tradition, Jenna. I love that it is not so treat-centric as the usual versions. This is the perfect year to pass the idea along to my daughter-in-law for consideration as they begin to develop their own set of traditions with our little Grandsweetie & her baby brother.

    Here’s to a most festive season for you and your sweet family. That mess in the holiday closet? It’s all about the making of memories :-)

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