52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

Yesterday, after all of the big conversations, the boys took on Mouse Trap.

LittleBrother got the board game for his birthday on Monday. I told him that after dinner, he could work on setting it up. I didn’t figure he would be able to do it by himself the first time, so I told him I would help him after I cleaned up the kitchen.

Before I could get there, BigBrother swooped in.

I imagined they would end up arguing over which piece went where… but they didn’t. They worked together to get everything set up as best they knew how. I even got to sit down and read for a few minutes while the worked hard. Eventually they called me back into the dining room.

I helped them fix a few things, and then watched as they sent the marbles flying. The joy on their faces made me smile, made me feel a bit of that joy myself.



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