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Sunday Links: November 9, 2014

The Farm, The Fall

It’s been a hard week. I managed to read a number of things, most of which were beautiful and hard and shades of in between as well. This week felt hard for everyone, I think. Here’s what I have to share with you this week.

Dancing in the Light During the Seasons When Darkness Abounds: “I want to keep dancing in the light.” I want to want that right now.

Brittany Maynard Didn’t Commit Suicide (What We Can Learn from 9-11’s “Falling Man”): “It seems disingenuous to force someone to choose between two ways of dying and then turn on them in judgement for picking the least painful of the two options.” Listen. I just watched both of my grandmothers die of cancer. Don’t argue with me that Brittany “committed a sin” or anything about suicide. She did what she felt she was capable of handling.

Confident Is Beautiful: “Perhaps we all need to smile as if Photoshop is going to fix whatever it is that bothers us. It’s when we let go and show our true selves that we are most beautiful.” I already shared this post earlier in the week after Grandma passed, but it needs sharing again. For so many reasons.

I Have a Spanky New Comment Policy and I’m Not Afraid to Use It: Way back when, I used to have a comment policy. I dropped it when Chronicles closed. I may reinstate, because this is my space. Be nice, people. Be nice.

Solitude: I love this image so much because it is the visualization of my right now. I am hurting. I so very alone. I am that tree in that field, the clouds all around with nothing near, no one to hold me close and tell me that these clouds will roll away, that this too shall pass. This is my season of solitude.

Fall: “We miss the dance. We miss the feeling of the constant movement that we had absolutely no control over. We miss the friends we made on the way, even as they lay next to us on the ground.” Holy moly, this piece is beautiful. I want it printed on some image of fall and twirling and light and love.

Why Our Child’s Open Adoption Isn’t Crazy for Our Family: If anything, IF ANYTHING, click through to this post just to view the most adorable pictures ever. THAT THREE PIECE SUIT, OMG.

Everything Changed Today: I’m Pregnant With Your Sibling, Ruby: I discovered this piece in a private Facebook group and knew I wanted to syndicate it on BlogHer. It’s moving and pulls at all the right heartstrings; it is well-written, and it it was an honor to pay this mother to share it on BlogHer. Please read it. (Tissue warning.)

Sorry We Woke You, But Your Daughter Threatened Suicide: Listen. My parents received a call of this nature. I am here today because of that call. Don’t be afraid to make the call.

How to Write a Sponsored Post That Your Readers & Your Client Will Love: I had to write this for work, and I’m really proud of the way it turned out. I do believe you can write sponsored, reviewed content in a balanced way in your own voice. I’m sure I made mistakes over the years in this area, and I may again, but I strive to follow the rules I set forth in this post. I hope the readers of this blog understand and appreciate the hard work I put into each of those sponsored posts; my readers are always in the forefront of my mind on such pieces.

Did you read or write anything amazing this week? I’m sorry if I missed it. I read in between bouts of being social with all of the family home for the memorial service and seeking out my introvert time in the basement bedroom, but I did not make it all the way through my feed reader yet. Please share some beauty with me if you have any to share.


My Pittsburgh 10 Miler Race Recap will be posted tomorrow.


5 replies on “Sunday Links: November 9, 2014”

Jenna, so sorry for your broken heart. I’ve lost my grandparents, parents and a husband and it’s never easy. These people left prints on our hearts. Prayers for comfort, peace and that you get some of the much-needed introvert alone time.
Melanie (Fellow BlogHer blogger)

Only rarely have I taken time to look through your Sunday links, Jenna. Clearly I have been missing much of great value. Thank you for some beautifully-written insights, and potential new bookmarks.

Funnily enough, one of my long standing comment policies that’s been in place is that you have to have one approved comment in order for comments to be automatically published. As you’ve not commented, it held your comment–and I was away for the week until just now. Oh, the funny world of Internet comments.

Thanks for being you.

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