NaBloPoMo: Blogging Every Day in November

NaBloPoMo November 2014I haven’t participated in National Blog Posting Month, NaBloPoMo, in years. November is difficult and full. The boys’ birthdays fall in that week right before and sometimes of Thanksgiving. I find myself busy planning out their large, joint birthday party while simultaneously planning the Christmas extravaganza that follows shortly behind. The holidays start their snowball effect and suddenly the month is over, the season is over, and its a new year.

I’ve both completed and failed NaBloPoMo in the past. I also have regularly blogged every day for longer periods than one month… and not written a word for weeks on end. I come into the challenge this year writing a decent amount, here in this space, in other venues, and in my many, many journals.

I decided to go ahead and commit to blogging once every day during the month of November for many reasons. On top of wanting to be challenged, blogging remains a source of self for me. Life has been pretty difficult for the past few months, and I acknowledge that I’m struggling to make heads or tails of everything. While I don’t know if I’ll use the prompts or just continue the blogging of our life as I do, I know I’ll make a valiant effort to post something here daily.

I also hesitate to share that I’m participating in the challenge because, well, what if I fail? Yeah, I still struggle with that whole perfectionism problem. If I didn’t tell you about it and I didn’t succeed, then you wouldn’t know I failed. But I have told you. So now if I miss a day, you’ll know. Of course, I’ll know either way, so I thought I’d invite you along for the journey. Because… what if I don’t fail? What if we all soar together?


What If I Fail?

Now that I’ve invited you along for the journey, you should consider joining the fun as well. There are some prizes involved, daily prompts, a BlogHer PRO School (for which I wrote one of the lessons!), and a great community of other bloggers doing the same thing: blogging their hearts out.

I can assure you I’ll share a lot of words here, some photos, some birthday events, some thankful moments, some struggles, and whatever else I want, need, or feel inclined to share. I hope to see you along the way.



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7 Replies to “NaBloPoMo: Blogging Every Day in November”

  1. I’ve been attempting to blog every day since August but not always making it. I thought I’d take it easy in Novemember, but your post makes me want to throw my hat into the ring! I just did, Jenna! ;)
    Good luck to you and all of us making this effort!

  2. Since I am not a blogger, and since yours is one of only a handful of blogs I even read regularly any more, I will try to commit to daily commenting; it’s the least we can do to support our favorite writers through this tough month, and I am really looking forward to seeing more of SD&B notifications in my in-box. No Mo Blah Po? Bring it on!!

  3. Best of luck to you on this journey! I’m attempting it again and I’m convinced I’ve lost my sanity. Haha.

    By the way, I love your blog name!

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