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Training for the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler: Take It Easy Week

The EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler is in one week and six days. Oh dear.

Training for the EQT 10 Miler

Training for a race right after a race feels a bit confusing. Having just run the Columbus Half Marathon last week, I wasn’t sure how my running would look this week—or if it would even happen. But it did!

I actually felt the best I’ve ever felt after this half marathon. My hips felt very tight and my feet felt “tired,” but other than that I didn’t have any awful soreness. So Monday morning, I went for a mile run in hopes of stretching out my hips, and it worked. I ran another mile on Tuesday, but took a two days off to fully let my feet rest. It ended up being the best choice, as I felt absolutely fresh and ready come Friday. Sunday felt even better.

One of My Shirts from the Half Marathon

I didn’t push my distance this week. I wanted to ease back into movement and running and not push too hard. I injured my foot during the 10 Miler last year after having run the Columbus Half Marathon two weeks prior. I’m hoping that three weeks between the two and understanding how to listen to my body better this year will make all the difference. I’m hoping to get a seven miler in this week, but the truth is that I know I can run 10 miles right now.

Monday: 1.00 miles, 8:54, 8:53/pace
Tuesday: 1.07 miles, 9:48, 9:10/pace
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 2.03 miles, 18:41, 9:12/pace
Saturday: Rest Day (Date Day! Walked all the places!)
Sunday: 3.70 miles, 35:02, 9:29/pace

Sunday was actually my 4th fastest 3-5 mile run ever, though technically it was my 3rd fastest as the one in first place on RunKeeper was a GPS bork. I’m liking the paces I’m seeing this week and hope to carry them over into this coming week. We’ll see how it works when I add some more distance back into my runs.

With My Fall Outdoor Decor

The Pittsburgh 10 Miler is on November 9th and I feel ready. I hope my husband does too, because we’re running that race together too!


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Due to my mother in law’s death and a bout of bronchitis, I haven’t run since the ATM on 10/12….looks like I’ll be running this race on caffeine and enthusiasm. Well, here goes nothin…

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