Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: I’m Ready

The Columbus Marathon is in six days. I will run the Columbus Half Marathon in six days, having just completed my 15th week of training.

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon

Well. This is it.

Minus two three mile runs this week and a 15 minute shakeout run early Saturday morning, my training is over. I was feeling kind of awful about my pace on my weekday runs this week, which is not smart. I hate when I get lost in unnecessary comparison over time and pace and all that junk. I started doubting my ability to gain a PR at this race… again. I started looking too deeply at running bloggers’ paces. I started looking back at my husband’s paces during his training season, and I wanted to give up.

Then I hit just over four miles on my run yesterday, about to run back up the hill, and RunKeeper told me my average pace was 8:58.


I’m sorry. WHUT?

By the time I got back up the hill and then up the hill into my neighborhood, my pace dropped a little because I live in all the hills. But I ended with a 9:02 pace for five miles, thus running my fastest five miler ever and my fastest 4-6 miler ever.

Fastest Five Miler Ever

Okay. Fine. I’m ready.

I’ve run all the miles. I got up and ran at stupid early times. I ran with a full belly here and there as I couldn’t squeeze in a run until after dinner. I ran in rain. I rain in between hail. I didn’t run in lightning because I don’t run in lightning. I ran up hills and down. I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran.

Up Hills and Down

I’m ready.

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday, run 53: 4.00 miles, 39:13, 9:48/pace
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday, run 54: 4.01 miles, 41:32, 10:21/pace
Saturday: Rest Day (but walked all over The Farm)
Sunday, run 55: 5.01 miles, 45:11, 9:02/pace

And More Up

As I said, I only have two three milers and one 15 minute shakeout run this week. And then, you know, that whole 13.1 thing. No Big Deal. Actually, over dinner last night, LittleBrother asked again how many miles are in a half marathon. I told him. He replied, “Oh, thirteen is nothing for you.” I love my kids. They believe I can do anything. I’m kind of chomping at the bit to run a little more, but I won’t. This fall weather makes me want to go run all the miles, but that will just have to wait.

In Rain!

TO TRACK ME VIA TEXT ON RACE DAY, VISIT THIS LINK. Either enter my name OR my bib number, 14214, and follow directions. OR! Simply text COL to 48307 and follow the prompts. It will ask you to enter my bib number.

TO TRACK MY HUSBAND ON RACE DAY, DO THE SAME THING. But his bib number is 14215. BECAUSE WE’RE ADORABLE. I can’t wait to take a picture of us wearing our bib numbers. I CAN’T WAIT!

I’ve also set up my Twitter and Facebook feed to post my times at the start, 10K, and finish. Sometimes those don’t work like they’re supposed to, so the text messages might be best if you’re super set on tracking me. There’s no trackable map (to fail) at this race, so you’ll just have to believe that I’m keeping on even when you can’t follow my dot.

If you’re coming to Columbus on race day, let me know. I can’t guarantee I’ll find you in the mess afterward, but if you let me know where you’re cheering along the course, I’ll try to keep an eye out for you. Of note: I saw no one during mile 12 last year, not even my loud mouth Dad as I was so intent on just getting to the finish. (Which is why I’m glad the Angel Mile is now at Mile 11.)

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be wearing this, plus a white hat because I somehow became a hat wearing runner this summer:

I'll Be Wearing This, Plus a White Hat
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Sayonara | Shorts, Tank, Bra, and not-pictured-hat: Fabletics | Arm Warmers: Oiselle | Earbuds: Skullcandy | Fuel Belt: FuelBelt | Arm Band: Tune Belt | Hoodie: A friend

The hoodie will be tossed shortly after we start as the Columbus Marathon takes all tossed clothing and donates it to Goodwill in Columbus. The arm warmers will probably come off somewhere before mile 8, and tucked around my Fuel Belt. I debated on wearing capris versus shorts for a really long time. I was too hot in capris and a tank yesterday when it was in the 50s and sprinkling. I wore a skirt and long sleeves last year and was too hot—and the race started in the lower 30s. Race Day low this year is looking like a low of 43, a high of 59, and mostly sunny. So, nope. No capris. I’ll be lucky if I don’t overheat!

And PS: For everyone who makes fun of me and my love of cold running, the new Runner’s World shows that optimal marathon racing temperature is 38.9 degrees. SO THERE!

Okay, maybe I’m not an elite. BUT MAYBE I COULD BE. Maybe not.

I digress.

The boys will be traipsing around with my parents and my mother- and sister-in-law. We’re leaving town pretty much right after the race in hopes of grabbing lunch and getting the boys to their afternoon soccer game on time. If we don’t make it for that, it’s not the end of the world, but as they both have the late game that day, we figured we’d give it our best.

And that’s everything for now. Here’s to the last week, week 16, of training. See you on the race course in six days!


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I won’t be along the sidelines since I’ll be in the same crowd running my first full, but you can bet when I need stuff to concentrate on, I’ll be sending you a million good vibes for that PR! I know you’ll be able to ring the PR gong at the end – you’ve got this!

You’re so ready. And you know you’re ready when your plan for the day of a half marathon includes getting home in time for a soccer game. You’ve got this. I’m so proud of you.

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