Friday Five: Fall Things I Adore

There’s something about fall, dontcha think? I’ve been pinning and liking things on the Internet, eyeing pretty things as I busy myself making lists for the boys’ birthday presents and all the holiday gifts we’ll need to buy just around the corner. I’m scaling back in buying things for myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t virtually window shop… and share the shiny things with you.

Quite and Impression Dress in Hearts, $64.99

Quite an Impression Dress in Hearts at ModCloth

The sneaky hearts make me smile. I normally avoid hearts, but they’re so darn sneaky! I love the colors and the fall feel, the collar and the sleeves. I’d pair this with a cardigan and tights or leggings. I’d wear it on Tuesdays just because.

Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Emerald, $44.99.

Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Emerald

Like I wouldn’t have something green on my list. So silly. I actually got rid of my chunky purple cardigan as it was old and pilly, so I need a new chunky cardigan. Green works. Obviously.

Comfort in the Courtyard Boot, $44.99

Comfort in the Courtyard Boot

I love suede(ish), flat boots. I don’t have navy boots, and I feel that needs to change. I’ve added a lot of blues and browns to my wardrobe in the past year, so I need some boots to kick around in while wearing those colors. Obviously.

October Anne of Green Gables Typography Print, $15.00

I'm So Glad I Live in a World Where There Are Octobers

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Yup, L. M. Montgomery, me too. This makes me want to pull out my Anne of Green Gables series, cuddle up on the couch with the next object, and listen to the song “October” by Collapsis while drinking red wine and watching the leaves fall. Yup.

Chevron blanket in fall colors, $106.00

Fall Colored Afghan

I sent this to my Karen stating that I needed it. She pointed out that I can likely find it at a thrift store/antique store for a better price, especially in those colors. While that’s true, Winkle van Cinkel on Etsy has omg so many gorgeous afghans. If I wasn’t focusing on fall colors and feel right now, I’d be posting this Chevron multi-color afghan. OMG. Stunning.

What’s catching your eye right now?


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The rainbow-y chevron one you linked to, you’d have to buy that one. I never, ever see them in those colours. But I’ll keep looking for the fall colours for you. We’re actually going to be hitting a thrift store today. :)

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