Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 13! THIRTEEN!

I Wished for a Good pace

The Columbus Marathon is in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS. I have three weeks left to train for the half marathon, or really, two weeks and six days because OMG. I just finished my 13th week of training.

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon

I ran 13 miles yesterday.

I need a nap today. Or, really, I needed one yesterday. But after waking up at 6:10 and starting my 13-mile run before sunrise, I decided we should still go to church. Ever sat still for an hour(+) after a 13-mile run? My calves felt angry, but my hips screamed with every step. I attempted to take a short nap after church, but was starving, so I failed at my nap. I ate a light lunch, and then got to sit through soccer games in 80 degree heat… in late September. Then I cooked a great meal while my husband ran his 13-miler. Then I got a crazy idea and ran another mile, bringing me to just over 14 miles for the day. And then I went to bed at 10:00 because, well, exhaustion.

(I’ll explain the extra mile next week.)

My pace for my 13-miler wasn’t awful. I was pacing at 9:44/average for an eternity. I started falling off pace around mile nine, but I refused to stress about it. It wasn’t race day. There were no signs, no spectators. The only other people out on the trail yesterday morning were other people working their long runs for what I assume is also the Columbus Marathon/Half, as absolutely no one was running a partial trail; everyone was running the whole six miles in one direction and the six miles back and making up distance on either end or in spaces in between. My goal became simply to finish as strong as I could, and so I did with a 9:56/pace.

13 Miler Splits

Here’s the thing: If I had held even the 9:50/pace of mile 8, before I slowed into the 10:00s, I would have ended with a 9:46/pace… and beaten my PR set at Columbus last October (which was a 9:42 pace, but there were distance discrepancies). As it actually happened, I was only 2:16 seconds over that PR—and my GPS said my PR was 13.2, not 13.1, while I ran 13.03 yesterday. What do all of these numbers mean?

They mean I have a chance to hit my original goal which was to PR at this race—to beat last year’s time.


Do I Dare to Wish?


Last week, I had all but given up hope of beating last year’s time. I had been pacing in between my two half marathon paces all training season. I was consistently in between. But then I went this past Tuesday for a five miler and blew my paces out of the water. Why? 47 degrees is why. I forgot that I run faster on cold mornings. While we’re experiencing 80 degrees during the day right now, morning temps are consistently in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Go ahead and drop me down to the upper 30s on race day; I’ll run like the wind.

Gorgeous Run on Tuesday
That’s the end of the trail right there.

And so, I am daring to hope that when you combine the cooler temps with the adrenaline and awesomeness of race day and spectators with the fact that I’m running with my husband who paces about 30 seconds to one minute faster than I do… that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll set a new personal record.

I guess we’ll see in … two weeks and six days, won’t we?


Happy After My Run on Monday

Monday, run 47: 4.01 miles, 39:00, 9:44/pace
Tuesday, run 48: 5.00 miles, 46:25, 9:17/pace (!)
Wednesday: 25 minutes on the elliptical and a 1.01 mile walk
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Busy with family back in PA day
Sunday, run 49: 13.03 miles, 2:09:31, 9:56/pace; and a 1.04 mile run, 9:40, 9:19/pace

This week we start the taper. I’ll be running 4 miles, 5 miles, and 8 miles. I’m ready to taper. No complaints here. I need a short break before race day. I need to breathe and stretch and foam roll and not obsess about pace. Oh wait, I’m going to obsess no matter what, so it might as well be with less miles instead of more. I’m also working on something cool. So there’s that. And I’m making a decision about my fall race… likely today. No pressure!

Possibly Maybe Race Day Shorts
Shorts from Fabletics.

Here’s to week 14! (OMG)



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Sunday Links: September 28, 2014

September Sunset = YEP

September Sunset = YEP

I read lots of amazing things this week. Much more than I have time to list here, but here are a few of my favorites. Of note: This was a pretty visual week. I like pretty things.

Jones’ Birth Story // in Photos: Just go. The beauty in these photos almost makes me want to have another baby and a home birth. But I’m not allowed to do either of those things, so I’ll just live through photos like these.

Dress Your Tech / 66: I love beautiful desktop art. This is colorful and fun and lovely. Go download some.

Dave Matthews Band, Happy Rebels: DMB’s first album, Under the Table and Dreaming, turned 20 on Saturday. So I read this article, listened to the album while cooking dinner, and felt really old—and happy to be this old.

Generation Xennials: I am a Generational Misfit. As I said on Facebook, I identify with GenX. I didn’t know I was a misfit, but it feels very GenX to be a misfit. Pass me my Doc Marten Mary Janes and turn up the Nirvana.


The Church Is Responsible for This: Oh yes. This. Read it. Then do something about it.

Flowers and Dragons: The beauty and depth in this piece… yes. I’m fighting my own dragons right now. I could use some flowers.

Final Resting Place: Grab tissues, then go. Trust me on the tissues.

I found Myself in Mothering, in Motherhood: Yep, I wrote this. And I’m proud of it. So there. And the title is true.

Did you read something awesome this week? Or write something fantastic? I’d love to read it!