Sunday Links: September 28, 2014

September Sunset = YEP

I read lots of amazing things this week. Much more than I have time to list here, but here are a few of my favorites. Of note: This was a pretty visual week. I like pretty things.

Jones’ Birth Story // in Photos: Just go. The beauty in these photos almost makes me want to have another baby and a home birth. But I’m not allowed to do either of those things, so I’ll just live through photos like these.

Dress Your Tech / 66: I love beautiful desktop art. This is colorful and fun and lovely. Go download some.

Dave Matthews Band, Happy Rebels: DMB’s first album, Under the Table and Dreaming, turned 20 on Saturday. So I read this article, listened to the album while cooking dinner, and felt really old—and happy to be this old.

Generation Xennials: I am a Generational Misfit. As I said on Facebook, I identify with GenX. I didn’t know I was a misfit, but it feels very GenX to be a misfit. Pass me my Doc Marten Mary Janes and turn up the Nirvana.


The Church Is Responsible for This: Oh yes. This. Read it. Then do something about it.

Flowers and Dragons: The beauty and depth in this piece… yes. I’m fighting my own dragons right now. I could use some flowers.

Final Resting Place: Grab tissues, then go. Trust me on the tissues.

I found Myself in Mothering, in Motherhood: Yep, I wrote this. And I’m proud of it. So there. And the title is true.

Did you read something awesome this week? Or write something fantastic? I’d love to read it!



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