I Like Flowers

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When my husband works a 36-hour shift (or longer), I buy myself flowers. It’s just what I do. I’ve done it for years and years, dating way back to when he worked at the ambulance company and was still in the Army. “Oh, you’re going to be gone for longer than 36 hours? Imma buy myself some flowers.” I like being reminded that what I do matters, that I matter too.

Also, I just really like pretty things. Flowers are pretty.

My favorite roses are yellow roses. My second favorite roses are hot pink roses. So when The Bouqs, a company who grows their flowers on the side of an active volcano (!!), asked if I wanted to pick a bouquet, send it to myself, look at pretty flowers, and then tell you guys about it, I picked Hot Lava. Hot Pink and Yellow roses? Volcano reference? Yes, please! (Though, the Rainbow Bouq was super tempting. OMG.)

Oh, Hi, Flowers

They came on the day that I scheduled—right in the middle of a 36—and were absolutely perfect. The flowers come boxed carefully so they don’t get dinged up all the way from South America. The blooms held tight for the first day or so and then started to open up and share their true beauty. I enjoyed having them around the house, and they lasted for just over a week.


The Bouqs is a company I would use again. They offer a wide variety of beautiful bouquets and some interesting/new-fangled “concierge” services, including regular flower deliveries, calendars and reminders so you never forget a special person or celebration, and random, surprise deliveries. (I kind of want to sign up for that last one. Or someone else to sign up and send me random, surprise flowers. OMG. You know, if you’re looking for a gift idea for me. #justsayin)

I Love Beauty

I’ll make an order again soon, because another 36-hour shift will show up on the calendar. They always do.


Affiliate link in use. I could make money if you send flowers to your significant other to apologize for being an idiot self.


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