Sunday Links: September 7, 2014


I fell a little behind in reading the words written all over the blogosphere this week. Between work and soccer practices, meals that I’m apparently supposed to feel burdened to make, owning a dog who apparently needs attention, a ten miler on a hot-hot-hot day, and, you know, sleeping, I didn’t quite get to click around Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet at large. But I did read my feeds (and I did do my work). So I still have some links to share with you.

Read on, my friends.

To the Grandparents: You Are Not Who You Used to Be: Today is Grandparents’ Day. I shared this on Facebook earlier this week after I featured it on BlogHer because it made me smile, made me miss my own grandparents, and made me feel so thankful for my kids’ grandparents. Someday when I’m a Grandma, I’m gonna buy all the sugary cereal in the world. Until then, eat your bran flakes, kids.

Her Last First Day of Football Season: Oh, man, this one made me cry. Jana lost her Grannie since last football season as I just lost my Grandma in June. This first fall is feeling hard, and I loved what Jana took from her Grandma’s house. Basically, I love Grandmas who love football. This post requires tissues.

Bless You and Bless Me, Bless the Bees and Birds: It is no secret that I love love, and this post is full of it. I would have loved to have witnessed the “messy chaos” of all of this, but Caz gives great visual writing so I almost feel like I was there with these many couples.

The Unlikely Friendship of My Mother and My Mom: I’m a sucker for an adoption story that isn’t all ZOMGWORSTCASESCENARIO, and this one delivers the feels right where they belong. Another tissue warning is required.

Lessons Learned in the Second Week of Kindergarten: I loved everything about this post. Maybe because I’ve lived it. Maybe because it’s so well-written. (“Lovelorn Cheerio” is the best way to describe a Cheerio floating in a “puddle” of milk, EVER.) Go read it. She’s got smarts.

Great Expectations: A) I love little boys who want to play baseball. B) I love children who are so different within the same family. C) I love how Jamie admits to a difficulty in parenting with grace and love.

Did you read or write something awesome this week? I’d love to read it. Leave it in the comments… and have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Links: September 7, 2014

  1. We lost my grandmother just yesterday. She went to church in her favorite New Orleans Saints football tshirt and her black and gold fleur de lis scarf. Four hours later, so suddenly and unexpectedly, she was gone. Thank you for the above link. I will read it. Eventually.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, but I can tell that I would have loved the heck out of your Grandma. I love football grandmas like whoa. My best friend from college just lost her Nana today. It’s a hard time for the lot of us, no?

      Covering your family in love.

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