Sunday Links: August 24, 2014


Oh, thank goodness.

I thought for sure when I posted Sunday Links last week, that I would read anything anyone wrote this week, Sunday would roll around, and I’d have nothing to share. Nope. I made time to read blogs and click links people shared on Facebook and follow a few rabbit trails.

Here’s what moved me this week:

requiescat in pace: If you only read one thing on this list or today or tomorrow or all week or all month, let it be this beautiful tribute. It starts out one way and takes you another, pulling at heartstrings and making you think all in the same beautiful breath.

Brutal Honesty: I know you’ve read eleven billion things about Ferguson, but you need to read this one—especially her last paragraph. The brutal honesty of us mothers who birthed and placed have a space in these conversations. Listen, please.

The Best Children’s Book You’ve Never Read: I promptly ordered it, read it, and read it with LittleBrother that night. It’s a keeper.

I Never Win Because I’m a Girl: Oh, I love discussions about boys and girls and gender and roles and then! When you throw some running into it? I’m a puddle of goo for your words. This line: “The piano doesn’t care who you are. Neither does the ground when you run.” I kind of want to tattoo “The ground doesn’t care who you are when you run” onto my body. Or my soul. Something.

Something Broke Here Awhile Ago: Oh, if you talk about the scars we carry with us being beautiful in a different light, I’m gonna cry and love the heck out of that post.

New Teepee: I love Jema and her family and her writing. And I love the beach; it is my Mecca, the one place I feel most at peace. So this post? Pure gold.

Totchos: Super easy, each-person-customizable weeknight dinner that we loved trying this week. We’ll make it again.

If you read or wrote something this week that you think I should read, please leave it in the comments. I definitely enjoyed reading more this week, saving and favoriting and sharing your works, your words. Please write and share more this week.


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Oh, Jenna – I’ve fallen behind in my blog reading these last couple of weeks, and I was surprised today to find a comment on my blog from Jema, who said she’d found you through me. Thank you so much for your kind words; you know how much I admire your writing, so having you say such lovely things about mine is high praise, indeed. xo

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