My First Stitch Fix, or: To Stitch Fix with Love

I resisted All Things Stitch Fix for a really long time—even though I looked at other bloggers’ awesome fixes and thought, “Ooh, that’s pretty. Ooh, I like that. Oooh, shiny.” But I just couldn’t do it.

Why? Mostly because I like having control. I didn’t want to surrender control of purchasing clothing options to someone else. Someone who didn’t know me, what I liked, what my problems spots were, what I hated, what I needed. Also, for a really long time, I was between sizes on the upper end of what I wanted to be. Weirdly, I’m now between sizes on the lower end of what I’d like to be, so maybe that’s just who I am: someone in between.

I finally broke down recently as I clicked into the site to look for available fix dates and saw one for the beginning of July. I still hadn’t found anything to wear for a Very Important Thing at the end of July, and so I decided to bite the bullet. I explained in my note that I love all things green, that I only wear dresses, and that I needed a dress for a special event. In green. Obviously.

When I showed Karen the photo of my fix when it arrived the other day, she replied, “OMG! Did they read your blog because that’s SO you.” And it was. Every piece. To do that, you fill out a lengthy survey about what styles appeal to you. You can also link to your style board on Pinterest so they can look at what catches your eye. My stylist sent me a lovely note explaining my picks, too.

My StitchFix Note

I don’t know who Stacey is, but I’m in love with her.

Let’s take a look at what landed in my mailbox yesterday.

Oh, My!

I expected to hate this dress. I looked at it on the style card and shook my head. A shirt dress? With buttons? But then I remembered that I’ve lost a lot of chest during my weight loss journey, so maybe the buttons wouldn’t gap. Maybe it would fit okay. Maybe it would be okay after all. Then I pulled it out of the box and the material was luxurious. I put the dress on and fell in love. It’s so comfortable with no gaping buttons and, oh my goodness, the material. I want to pet it all day long.

In Between Sizes

This is one dress that would have suited better in the smaller size I find myself in between right now. However, it’s not awful in the bigger size. I envision this getting a lot of wear during the transition in seasons. And winter. And spring. And lots of times, because I love it.

Green Top

The skirt in this shot was already in my wardrobe (Old Navy, 2013 if you must know), but the shirt is from Stitch Fix and I adore it. I don’t often like to tuck shirts in because I’m careful with my thrice-pregnant belly pooch. But this is really just perfect together. And the flyaway sleeves? LOVE!

And then there’s… this.


This. THIS.

I asked for a green dress to wear to an event. And Stitch Fix delivered. And my stylist was right, the belt that came with it wasn’t right, though that belt rocks my socks. Or my waist. It’s way fun and I’m going to wear it eleventy different ways. I already ordered a silver belt to match the silver tabs on the sleeve (see above), and I’m hunting down a killer pair of silver heels. I’m already considering silver jewelry. And really, I’d wear this dress all day, everyday, for the rest of my life. It’s that perfect and comfortable and perfect and omgIloveitsohard.

Also, a beautiful gold necklace came with my Fix, but I didn’t photograph it well. Suffice it to say, it’s lovely.

And so, what’s my final thought on Stitch Fix?

I’ve already scheduled my next Fix. I’ll definitely do it again if I have a big event coming up. This was the easiest shopping I’ve ever done, and that’s really hard for the control-freak, perfectionist to admit. So if you’ve been putting it off for the same reasons, I encourage you to give it a chance. You might like what you receive!

Or LOVE it!

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Oh man, so much Stitchfix love going around, and I am a TOTAL clothing control freak. But this looks so amazing I even had to comment on a blog like ye olde blog days. I may have to actually pull the trigger and do it soon.

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