Happy 2nd Birthday, Callie!

Yesterday Callie turned two!

Two-years-old. She’s totally not a puppy anymore.

Callie Turns 2

Except for how she still jumps. And whines. And annoys the ever-loving snot out of us sometimes. I keep hoping she’ll wake up one morning and think in her doggy head, “Oh hey! I’m no longer a puppy! That means I should no longer jump up on my owners or at the fan or at the window or in general. I should start to relax and be a good adult dog. I am a good adult dog.” Because in my head Callie speaks positive affirmations to herself on a regular basis.

But she’s Callie.

Callie Turns 2

And sometimes she jumps. She always sits on our feet with her bony back dog-bows and butt bones. She still gets too excited when people she loves come to visit and pees on the floor from a secondary, super-sensitive bladder. She barks a lot; less so than she used to, but it’s still so big and loud that the less doesn’t really matter. Less is more when you’re super loud. I should know.


She’s also awesome in eleventy billion ways.

She Loves Her Boys

She loves the boys so stinkin’ much. When she came home from the Doggie Hotel today, she happily flopped onto her back at my feet for me to rub her belly. But when she saw the boys? She whined and peeped and exclaimed her absolute joy as best she could, and then followed them around the house for a few hours. Also, don’t get in between her and her boys if she doesn’t know you. Bad choice. She’s really good at lay down, play dead, shake, “no the other paw,” sit, and stay. Not so much with the “roll over,” but I figure she can’t win them all. She’s a sucker for routine, which fits wonderfully in with how I like to run the daily household. She’s super great at shedding. She loves to play ball or frisbee or anything really. She’s really great at fielding a whiffle ball, even if you don’t want her to field the whiffle ball. She’s learned to be a great short-distance running companion for me; I think I’ll wait until it cools off before I attempt taking her on longer runs.

And she loves us adult owners too.

She hasn’t yet been part of our family for two years. That day comes near the end of summer, and we’ll probably celebrate that with an attempt at a family picture with the dog. For now, we’ll just celebrate the fact that two years ago yesterday, in a storm that apparently both knocks down churches and causes dogs to go into labor, our Callie came into this world. A couple months later, she untied the shoe of our oldest son and firmly secured her spot within our family.

Callie Turns 2

We can’t imagine life without her.



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8 Replies to “Happy 2nd Birthday, Callie!”

  1. What an absolutely *gorgeous* animal! She looks like the ideal dog for two boys to grow up with. If we beg politely (like you’ve taught her to) could we maybe see a puppy picture for comparison? Or a link to the blog entry from when you got her?? I’m “between dogs” right now and really craving a good fur fix. Please give her a smooch on the snout for me, and an extra belly rub or scritch behind the ears (her choice) :-)

  2. she is a wonderful girl. your family is doing such a fabulous job raising her! i am so happy that callie lives with you guys! hope her birthday was happy. xoxo

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