Goodbye, Second Grade; Goodbye, Kindergarten

Today we waved goodbye to another year of school.

BigBrother finished up the second grade.

End of Second Grade

LittleBrother completed his first year of elementary school, Kindergarten now behind him.

Last Day of Kindergarten

Individually, these two did amazing things in their classrooms. Each earned special awards at school. Their end-of-year report cards, while not surprising given the previous three, showed that they worked hard and did their best. They each brought home backpacks full of amazing artwork, great journal entries, projects, and happy memories from the year.



They each made new friends this year. And perhaps most pleasing to me, they each loved their teachers with a love reserved only for the best of teachers. Each boy lucked out in the teacher department, being given a teacher that met him right where he needed to be met. With love and challenge, the boys’ teachers helped make this year a success for the two of my sons.

Goodbye, School

All that said, I’m glad school is over.

That long winter killed sucked the life out of all of us, I think, and I’m ready for our summer break. I’m ready for school to not run and own our family schedule. I’m ready for lazier days, for later nights. I’m ready for fireflies and thunderstorms, ice cream and corn on the cob. I’m ready for travel and new places and memories.

One of our lunch ladies asked if I was ready for vacation when we stopped in recently. I admitted that I was most definitely ready. She remarked on how that’s not the normal response she hears, that she’s normally met with groans from parents who don’t want their kids home. While they’ve already talked my ear off in the six hours since they’ve been home on break, I can’t imagine dreading summer break with these guys. I’m sure I’ll be ready for bedtime more than one night each week, but I’m ready to have a fun summer with both of my sons, with my husband, with our various family members and friends. I’m ready to read books and keep up with math facts, but I’m also ready to learn in different ways—at COSI, in the yard, on trips, in the kitchen, wherever we so choose.

We’ve grown a lot this school year. I’m excited to grow this summer, too.



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5 Replies to “Goodbye, Second Grade; Goodbye, Kindergarten”

  1. YES. This is just where I am with the school year and approaching summer vacation (one more week for us)! Bring it on and let us be us…whoever that turns out to be. :)

  2. Wow, your school year ends early! Liam is done June 13, but the public schools here go right up to June 30. Do they go back in August, or do they start in September?

  3. I so love that you are looking forward to the *freedom* of summer, rather than reporting on some new scheduling regimentation that will be imposed on your boys to “keep them busy”. My two were forever tangled up in arguments, inventions, discoveries, disagreements, and dirt during the summer — and apparently loved every minute of it! Here’s to your beloved long summer evenings, and the making of memories!

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