I Hate Summer Running, but I Love Streaking

I decided to streak again.

Run streak, that is.

I successfully did the Runner’s World RunStreak from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day in 2013. (I failed in 2012, though I ran frequently during that time period.) The holiday RunStreak is great for me because: a) I love cold weather running, b) the holiday season stress relief is almost necessary, and c) I love cold weather running. It’s not hard for me to throw on one layer (as opposed to everyone else’s multi-layers) and go run as little as one mile. I loved it.


I didn’t know that another RunStreak in the summer, from Memorial Day through July 4th. I found out the day before Memorial Day. 40 days of running. In the heat. In the humidity. In the thunderstorms. In the heat and humidity and awful disgusting heat and ohmygoodness I hate running in the summer. I don’t like the heat. Give me Polar Vortex any day (minus the unnecessary days off from school) over the heat. I overheat in 40 degrees! And apparently you can’t run naked. It’s frowned upon. And chafing.

Needless to say, I struggle with summer running.

The Columbus Marathon is still 21 weeks away, so I’m not yet training.


It would be super easy for me to just stay inside and not run. Not move. Not do anything. In fact, I’d really rather. But I learned about the RunStreak and figured it would be motivation to keep me moving for the next 40 days. Even though I have a vacation in the middle of that time period. Even though life is kind of stressful right now. Even though I have all the excuses.

I ran two miles yesterday.

#RWRunStreak Day One

I planned on running three miles today, but a thunderstorm rolled in during LittleBrother’s t-ball game. I cut it down to one quick mile, holding my breath as lightning danced around the area.

#RWRunStreak Day Two

I’m sharing a photo every day on Instagram, either of something seen on, afterward, or before my run. I’m going to shy away from sharing running selfies on Instagram during this challenge and focus more on my surroundings, more on telling the story of each day, of each run, of what runs through my mind while I’m out running during the time of year I least want to be running. I will update here—maybe weekly, maybe biweekly—and will add in any selfies or other pictures taken on the runs, talk about pace, about goals, about perceived failures and subjective accomplishments.

I’m excited for a new challenge. I’m not really excited about the heat, but hey. Streaking.



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4 Replies to “I Hate Summer Running, but I Love Streaking”

  1. I really enjoyed the winter run streak and considered doing this one, but figured it would be a lot to try and do while pregnant. During the winter I just got to this strange place I’d never been – running in single digits in storms, inside on treadmills (blegh), basically in just completely shitty weather when the last thing I wanted to do was move my butt from the couch. It got me through the holiday blahs and was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Period. I’ll run vicariously through you this time, so keep it up, dammit! :)

  2. grumble… netvibes decided not to give me your blog updates for the last week….grumble


    I love that you are doing another run streak. I love cold weather running too, but I don’t like the snow/ice/slippy component. Good luck!

    1. Yes. I learned about that — across all RSS readers — this morning. Many apologies for accidentally spamming my readers’ readers!

      I also love that you said slippy. We say slippy too. Or, I do. My husband hates it. LOL

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