52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Fun Day


The end of school is upon us. Next Wednesday marks the boys’ last day of this school year. We’re beyond ready for summer break, for time together, for travel, for sunshine, for bike rides, for swimming, for a break from school. I mean, school hasn’t really been school in weeks already, so you know.

Monday was “Fun Day” for the boys, meaning that they got to enjoy a whole day of fun: games, bounce houses, foods, and so on that don’t normally happen on a school day. The boys were stoked, especially since they got to wear hats and sunglasses to school. They chose their current Little League team hats. I found that to be especially cute.

As we waited for the bus, BigBrother told LittleBrother all the things he could expect. The Ice Cream Truck would be there. The bounce houses would be bouncy. He talked about the free books they would be able to pick from, old books the library was giving up, passing on. Then he dropped the bomb on his little brother.

“You have to stay with your class.”

It got quiet for a moment and a cloud passed over his little face.


“I wish I could hang out with you.”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

Someday they might not want to hang out with each other at school, so I found it especially important to record this moment. I still have hopes that they’ll be the best of friends, but man, high school is rough stuff.

Fun Day went splendidly for both, in case you were wondering. Though they both came home exhausted. One had baseball practice that evening. They crashed immediately at bedtime and even slept in the next morning. I’d thank the school for all of that, but the exhaustion came with some pretty spectacular whining and arguments.

Is school over yet? We’ve got our own Fun Days to have.



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