Happy Birthday, You

32 years ago, my husband broke his mom’s rib entering this world. He’s been busy being awesome ever since. To that point, I’d like to share ten of my favorite moments from this past year with him. They’re not necessarily in order as they’re all pretty equally awesome.

1. Making the most of Polar Vortex and making a snowman goon.

Best. Snow Goon. Ever.

2. BASEBALL. Whether the Pirates at PNC Park or watching our boys play tball or coach pitch or watching it on TV, yep, gimme baseball with my love.

#Pittsburgh selfie! Heading to the @pirates game!

3. That time he took such good care of me when I came down with the stomach virus the boys had that he ended up getting the stomach virus too. That’s love. (Let’s not have a picture of how awful that was, okay? Okay.)

4. Thursday coffee date hours while the boys were at Children’s Choir.

It's our weekly hour date while the boys are at choir. Coffee and convos. Sad convos today but good.

5. That time he ran with me!

BEST. RUN. EVER. @cfd46's first run with me. I'm so happy.

And he did it again! And again! And again!

6. Crashing into him at mile 25 of my marathon; I had never been so happy to see his face, to hear his voice, to listen to his words of encouragement. I could carry that feeling with me through just about anything; it is forever imprinted on my soul now.


This guy right here got me to and through my marathon. His support made all the difference.

7. Our anniversary trip. It was just amazing. Plus: Diamonds.


8. BlogHer ’13. Chicago. Road trip. Friends. A uterus. You know.

Us at the Expo

9. Vacation. IS IT JUNE YET?

Everything about this picture is perfect.

10. Everything. The way he vacuums. The way he leaves me love notes. The way he supports me, whatever my decision. The way he goes out of his way to make my birthday special. The naps together. The silent times on the couch. When he refills my wine/coffee/tea/water/milk glass. When he thanks me for a dinner that I know didn’t taste all that great. When he genuinely praises a meal that took a lot of effort and tastes really great. Riding quads. When he brags on me at work. When he holds in my hand in church. When he holds my hand anywhere. Everything in this point isn’t specific to this year. But still. I am so thankful for all of it, for everything he does for our family, for me.

Riding Quads

I couldn’t have imagined a better partner in this life. Here’s to another year of bee stings, snort laughing through tears, and supporting each other through the thick of it.




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