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Writing My Own Story

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Showing up to tell our stories is the hardest thing we do. And there in that space, we find that we are not alone. It’s still hard. Sometimes impossible. But giving words to silent pain changes the world. Thank you for showing up and doing the work.

I’m glad you chose to focus on Jenna. Jenna is a wonderful and interesting person. I know what you mean about telling your own story, though. I stare at my empty blog page for a lot longer now that I’m trying not to just talk about my daughter and to talk about me but yet not reveal the private conversations I have with my family and friends that I know aren’t meant for the Internet. It’s still hard to strike that balance, even after ten years. I can’t wait to hear you read your piece!

Ok, i am so proud of you! Depression does lie and sharing that story in a public forum is more valuable than you will ever know. I struggle all of the time with feeling heard/worthy/etc like you say…do my words matter/do I drone on and on about mental illness so much that people tune me out (yes I suppose that’s my own insecurities and depression talking)….but you have such a beautiful gift here. People will listen and I KNOW you will touch hearts. I know you will. and you can do it.

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