52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the News

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the News

When I say that we don’t allow any technology Monday through Friday afternoon, I am guilty of a Sometimes Lie or Not Quite Truth. Or, maybe we’re just us, our own unique family, doing what works for us at any given time. Whatever the case, we frequently watch the Nightly News at 6:30.

I don’t know if they watch the news with us because it’s the only screen time they have on the weekdays or if they have a genuine interest in what’s happening around the world. I grew up watching the news with my parents; whether in the afternoon or the evening, in the kitchen or in the family room. I remember discussing issues with my parents, asking my dad lots of questions. I realize now he probably just wanted to listen to the newscast, but he answered me—mostly patiently—every time.


They ask questions now when they watch the news with us. “Where is the plane?” “Why did they take that land?” “What are wounded warriors?” “Is it hard to be a firefighter?” We answer as best we can; we definitely don’t have all of the answers for their wide and varied questions, but we try.

The commercials provide the most aggravating part of our evening experience. We’ve been seeing a series of commercials for both men and women featuring medical fixes for both ED and menopause. After watching one tonight, LittleBrother asked, “So boys can’t wear that patch?” I then had to explain that some medicines are just for girls, some medicines are just for boys—which I think confused both boys as we preach a lot about how there aren’t really boy or girl toys or jobs and blah blah blah equality. So apparently it’s not the news that will start the slow seam-ripping in the fabric of gender equality we’ve been trying to weave. It’s commercialism. Which, duh, right.

The photo above is from this past week, the boys sitting in a tangle from the couch to the floor. When we watch the news, they don’t fight or argue. They ask thoughtful questions. They learn. They allow a brother into their space. I kind of like it, this news watching thing we do together. I really like them.



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3 Replies to “52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the News”

  1. We still can’t watch the news as a family because everything gets Alexis a little TOO upset. She’s irrational, n’at, when something sad happens. Soon, I hope.

    Your boys are way too adorable.

  2. i watched the news with my mom growing up. she didn’t have all the answers either, but she encouraged me to come up with some possibilities and then we talked about her possible reasons. now, as an adult, i am really thankful that mom didn’t force me to do something else during that time. bet your boys love the adult time with you and the fact that you don’t dismiss their questions and concerns.
    while i may say this all the time, i hope you don’t get tired of hearing how thankful i am that you are raising your boys to be thoughtful, intelligent men. #jennaisagreatmom

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