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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Haircuts

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

Hair grows.

Around these parts, hair grows really fast.

The boys can go from clean cut to super shaggy in the blink in an eye.

And so, on a free evening, we pull out the step stool. My husband gets the hair trimming kit, complete with plasticy cape. The boys sit, one at a time, as their dad trims their hair down to something more even. Or, in LittleBrother’s case, something less sticky-uppy. His hair doesn’t get longer, exactly. It just gets taller. It seemingly grows straight up.

That’s why he often looks taller than BigBrother. Or, in this week’s picture, he looks taller because they’ve noticed how close they are in height and BigBrother decided to let his brother be taller in the picture.

I really like these two boys. So much.


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My little brother used to stand on his tiptoes in picture after picture to try and look taller than me (I’m six years his elder). And now? He’s 17 and 6’2″ and I’m 23 and 5’10”, I think to this day his ability to tower over me is one of his proudest accomplishments!

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