Tradition Lives On

Tomorrow marks our annual trek to Pittsburgh to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Back when we started doing this, we didn’t even know about the parade or the party in Market Square; we just needed a bit of alone time after our first son’s birth. As we found out about the fun things that took place, we made it a tradition.


Josh is Flicking me Off Here


Ready to Go Out


See? Dork.




St Patrick's Day in Pittsburgh


Silly husband is silly.


Yay! #stpatricksday #pittsburgh


Go ahead. Make a face. I'll instagram it. Love you. @cfd46! On the T, headed back to the hotel. Before 9pm. #pittsburgh #stpatricksday

The interesting thing is that we keep getting older but the crowd doesn’t. Last year, we headed back to our hotel room before nine o’clock in the evening because we’re old. Old or not, we love the chance to get away for a weekend in one of our favorite cities and pretend that maybe we’re not so old, drink some beer, laugh at people who drink too much beer, eat some good Pittsburgh food, and generally spend the weekend together. It’s our thing, and we love it.

I’m just hoping that someone drinks too much again this year and plants another epic photobomb into our life and our memories.

Best. Photobomb. Ever.



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wish i would have bumped into you for a bit on saturday. it was so much fun. even if i also was on my way home crazy early as well!
that photobomb is probably my most favorite ever of all the photobombs i have seen. pure perfection!

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