I’ll Take What I Can Get

A Moment in the Snow

During a span of 60 hours, I spent a total of 20 of those hours behind the wheel.

I spent another 30 minutes laughing at two little boys in a jet tub that accidentally filled with bubbles when they washed their hair. I spent an hour and a half on a treadmill. I took a 15 minute shower, which felt like a luxury compared to my normal eight minute in-and-out showers at home. I rushed through Target in approximately 14 minutes, mainly because it took me an extra 11 minutes to get there as Apple Maps landed us in a field instead of in the parking lot. I spent multiple, loud hours with my extended family, soaking in the sound of their voices and the shape of their noses; I wanted to memorize the little things to get through the gaps in time we get to spend together, sitting around the table, each talking over one another. I spent the last two hours of the 10 hour drive home sipping a bad iced tea, wishing away a massive headache, and squinting at the singular clear lane.

Today, I attempted to get work done while the boys, home again, vied for my attention. I helped them work through their last two days of Blizzard Bags, wiping their tears away when frustration levels peaked. I doled out snacks while on a conference call. I gave the dog a bath. I made a delicious and healthy dinner. I managed a shower and even put on on real clothes.


And despite the cold temperatures due to the Polar Vortex (of DOOM), I took the dog outside — just for a few moments, seconds, nanoseconds, cold breaths — of alone time. Because as much as I love all of the time with my sons, with my mother, with my cousins, with my aunt and uncle, with random people along the journey route, I need my alone time. As much as I love to talk, to connect with those in my life, I am an introvert. I crave alone time. I need to breathe in and close my eyes and exhale slowly. I need personal space, room to stretch and grow.

When all of the connections and time together get jammed into 60 hours, six minutes in the below zero wind chill feel even more precious than normal. I’ll take what I can get.

And, Breathe



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11 Replies to “I’ll Take What I Can Get”

  1. Tie up your boots before snow gets in them!

    Most people would do all that then take a big long nap, not wash the dog. But CALLIE. And you. I’m glad you got a 15 minute shower. And sorry about the bad iced tea. And headache. But mostly the iced tea because if it was good, the love could’ve soothed your head.

    1. If I’m doing more than taking the dog outside or to the mailbox, I actually tie them. I promise!

      We had bad coffee followed by bad tea followed by bad tea. It was a bad beverage return home. Bummer.

  2. I had such well laid work plans. I had a retreat planned a couple of weeks ago, since my 14 year old was headed away for the weekend. I was going to a hotel to write all weekend. But then, her plans fell through and she went with me. It was a fun weekend after all, but naturally the writing fell to the way side.
    Then, I rehashed my plan and created 9 days of intense writing hours, while she was at school. I constructed my schedule as such. Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, These five week days and Saturday. They have all been snow days (her Saturday plans being cancelled due to weather.) The Polar Vortex hates us. That’s the point of my ridiculously long comment… It hates us.
    But we all need alone time… And wine.

  3. i love that you had a good trip, even though some parts were less than perfect.
    but oh man. i literally can’t shower in under 20 minutes if i wash my hair. on the very rare occasion that i don’t wash it, i can get in and out in five minutes. how you do eight minutes is baffling to me.
    i wish you a few moments of quiet today, my friend. xoxo

    1. The chopping of the hair greatly aided in the shortening of shower times! It DID take longer when my hair was long. But really, I think my days of well water on The Farm scared me into shorter showers. I keep expecting someone to knock on the wall as a sign that I’ve been in too long!

  4. Funny how so much together time can make us all a little crazy–even with the ones we love most. I’m an introvert at heart too! I enjoying hiding myself in laundry rooms, bathrooms and pantries. Can’t go far with 4 kids 5 and under, so outside might be off limits:) Enjoy your few moments of quiet bliss!!

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