Don’t Waste a Day

January 11, 2014

A 50 degree day in the month of January is a gift.

After a lazy start to the day, I sat across from the boys as we shared lunch and laid it all on the line.

“It’s warm out. It’s not raining. The plan is this: Finish lunch. Get dressed. Go outside. Ride bikes. Take the dog on a walk. Any questions?”

“Any questions” is always a silly question: They always have questions. “Are we riding our bikes the whole way down or just to the one house?” “Can I turn around at the one house anyway?” “Do I have to wait for him?” They asked more questions. I answered more questions. Eventually, they finished eating, got dressed, brushed their teeth, made their beds, put on their shoes, found some sweatshirt jackets, and outside we went.

Riding bikes in these parts after November isn’t a given. Snow and ice keep our wheels in the garage most winters. Also, riding today, I learned that the salt and ash on the roads makes for difficulty pedaling bikes with training wheels. LittleBrother struggled a bit. I told him that he was working with Winter Legs and pedaling against gunk on the roads; I reassured him that he was doing just fine.


I figured when we finished with our bike ride, he would feel too “tired” to take the dog on a walk.

Not so.

Off we went, walking and talking. The boys marveled at how lovely it was outside. Their word. “Lovely.” And “beautiful.” They thanked me for forcing them outside for the “fresh air” and “exercise” and so on. They’re such little goobers; I love them so much. We walked the dog up to the field where we throw her ball, and then walked on back.


I am thankful for the chance to get outside today. I’m also thankful that they were thankful.



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6 Replies to “Don’t Waste a Day”

  1. oh man, i gotta tell you, right now i am so crazy thankful that you got outside and captured these photos. what a sky! just incredible.

    i also love that your boys are taking after their momma’s wonderful use of words to express their feelings. xoxo

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