As the December Sun Dips Low

The sun dips low on another December, on another year.

I feel as I do every year, filled with equal parts nostalgia and excitement. I look forward, I look back. I remember, I predict. I look through pictures I snapped over the past year and smile, captured memories bringing up thoughts of moments escaped by my ever-present lens.

It seems fitting that I will spend time with my best friend today, reminiscing over the past year — and more. When your anniversary falls the week before Christmas, sometimes it feels easier to let it side completely. I like it best when we make time to be together, just the two of us, sometime before our favorite month ends — before the sun sets on yet another year spent together, doing this thing we do.


December Sunset

I do not know what awaits us in these last few moments of 2013. I do not know what awaits us when the sun rises on 2014. I do know that I grew and changed in unexpected ways this year, but maybe that’s a post for another day — or maybe not. Today I feel blessed to be here, in this space with these people who make up my life, and take witness to yet another year on its way out.



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