52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 47

52 Weeks, Week 47

52 Weeks, Week 47

Oh, these two.

To get this one decent photo of the two brothers and the two parents at their birthday party on Saturday, we had to go through 15. 15 shots of this.

Oh Dear

Which resulted in this awesome exchange:


Can you see me saying the -er of his name?

I'm still mad here...he doesn't care

Can you see their two, very individual, very different personalities in these photos? Can you see mine? Please note that my husband is sitting perfectly, smiling as if the whole thing isn’t as awful as nails on a chalkboard. I’ve trained him well.

Those other two goobers on the other hand, well, I have some more work to do on them. I feel like when I look back on this year of brotherhood pictures, I will treasure this series of goofiness though. (But don’t tell them that, please.)



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Gift Ideas for Firefighters: RecycledFirefighter Gear

Toiletry Bags Made from Recycled Fire Hose

Last week I gave you a gift idea for a runner. This week, it’s for the firefighters among us. Or the people that live with them/put up with them/clean up after them. You know.

I’m married to a firefighter, so it’s not a surprise that I keep an eye on cool firefighter related stuff throughout the year. While I always add some ornaments to my husband’s Christmas gift pile to continue to grow our fire themed tree, I know that ornaments don’t strike a lot of excitement and joy in his heart. That’s why I was thrilled that a friend’s brother formed RecycledFirefighter earlier this year.

RecycledFirefighrer is run by my friend’s brother, Jake Starr. He’s a full time firefighter who loves being creative. I can get behind that, especially because his products are so stinkin’ awesome. In short, the products he makes and sells are made from — you guessed it — recycled fire hose. Awesome.

We have a set of coasters. Ours are a neutral, like these, but he also has a set of red coasters and a set of yellow listed.

Coasters Made from Recycled Fire Hose

I am trying to fight off the temptation to buy FireDad one of these belts. Red or yellow? (Can we get some suspenders up in here, Jake?)


Belts Made from Recycled Fire Hose

And lastly, if the firefighter in your life doesn’t need a belt and your end tables don’t need some coasters, maybe someone in your life needs a toiletry bag. They’re available in various colors and they would be great for travel, or you know, spending 24 hours at the fire department.

Toiletry Bags Made from Recycled Fire Hose

I really like these products because they not only reuse products instead of just sending them off to landfills, but because they’re useful. And unique. And awesome. I love our coasters. I think you will too!


Disclaimer: Jake’s sister Bethany, a great friend of ours, sent us a set earlier this year. I’m sharing the store with you because I think this is a hot idea. Hot. Get it? Firefighters?