SNOW DAY! (The First): Remind Me

Remind me of this post when we’re on Snow Day! (The Fourth or Fifth or … worse).

Remind me how BigBrother flew out of his room at 7:53am, shouting, “We’re going to miss the bus,” panic heavy on his voice. And how I rolled over and looked at him, overtop of his brother who had crawled in bed with me about an hour earlier. “It’s a snow day!” The way he looked at me was comical. His face lit up for about two seconds before it fell. “Aww! But I wanted to go to school! I wanted to learn!”

Remind me of how they rushed through their breakfast because I said I would let them watch TV for a little bit.

Remind me how they played really well together with all of their LEGOs, using their imaginations to build a hotel next to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “dojo,” which the Ninjago guys are also allowed to visit. And the firefighters.

Remind me how excited they were as they bounded up the steps after I informed them it was time to go play in the snow. How they quickly — without whining or complaining or arguing or falling over — put on all of their snow stuff by themselves. Well, minus their brand new boots; I would have needed help with those suckers too.

Remind me how excited they were to get out in the snow.


Snow Brothers

Throw a Snowball

How happy the dog was to chase them, to jump and bite a snowball out of their hands, to knock them over into the white stuff.

Remind me how they stayed outside for an entire hour without whining about being cold or wet or tired. Remind me that they joyfully shoveled the entire driveway, though they did compare themselves to Calvin. I told them that it builds character. Remind me that they just blinked at me.

Remind me how they fell inside, giggles and red cheeks, ready for lunch and hot chocolate and warm, dry clothes. How they chattered and laughed about their “adventures” in the snow while they ate.

Remind me of all of this joy later, when the winter lingers on too long and the school cancellations fall on inconvenient days instead of the lazy day before Thanksgiving. Remind me of the joy snow brings to these little boys, to my own heart. Remind me… as they did today.



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6 Replies to “SNOW DAY! (The First): Remind Me”

  1. Oh good, was hoping we would get to see Callie pics! And I know snow is a big fat inconvenient thing most of the time, but I am so jealous we don’t live in an area that gets it regularly. I want days like this for my boys! Happy early Thanksgiving, FireFamily. :)

  2. Reason #4378 why your generation of parents is so very lucky to be experiencing digital and post-computer family life. I love that you will have a timely record of this exact and wonderful day (and all the countless others you are documenting here) I would bet money that someday far down the road your boys will be reading this and see that picture and exclaim, “Hey, I remember that day!” You’re keeping such precious memories alive for them, Jenna :-)

    1. As a born and raised CA girl the concept of snow day is alien to me but your post was precious anyway. One silly question tho… We have the whole week off here and have as long as I can remember, do most of the schools out there always go up until Thursday?

      1. The school district next to us has Wednesday off, but we go to school on Wednesday. THAT said, we have this coming Monday off because it’s the first day of Deer Gun Season. No, really.

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