52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 47

52 Weeks, Week 47

Oh, these two.

To get this one decent photo of the two brothers and the two parents at their birthday party on Saturday, we had to go through 15. 15 shots of this.

Oh Dear

Which resulted in this awesome exchange:

Can you see me saying the -er of his name?

I'm still mad here...he doesn't care

Can you see their two, very individual, very different personalities in these photos? Can you see mine? Please note that my husband is sitting perfectly, smiling as if the whole thing isn’t as awful as nails on a chalkboard. I’ve trained him well.

Those other two goobers on the other hand, well, I have some more work to do on them. I feel like when I look back on this year of brotherhood pictures, I will treasure this series of goofiness though. (But don’t tell them that, please.)



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