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Gift Idea for Runners: Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphones

For the next four Mondays, I will share gift ideas for the holiday season that people in our house love. Maybe that means people in your house might love them too. Or not. Don’t blame me if it goes poorly.


Verizon Wireless sent me a pair of the new Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphones to try out a few weeks ago. I got them right before the Pittsburgh 10 Miler, but I forgot to take a picture wearing them. I had to wait until this weekend to get a picture out on the road as my foot injury kept me inside 13 days. After wearing them twice on the road and once on the elliptical inside, I can definitely tell you that these are my favorite earbuds. Ever. For running, for music, for my weird ear shape.

Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphones

Pros for me:

1. They fit my ear — comfortably. I have no weird ear pain when I’m done, even after that 10 mile run. Almost two hours of jarring, running movement, and no ear ache or even dull pain. I was very excited at how comfortable they really feel, and honestly, after years of dealing with oddly shaped earbuds in my oddly shaped ears, I didn’t expect these to wow me in this way. Pleasantly surprised!

2. They don’t fall out! OMG! No, really! These puppies are apparently ergonomically designed not to fall out. Of course, I didn’t really believe that when I read it, so I was shocked on my first run (the 10 Miler) when they stayed put. Even when sweat dripped into my ear canal (I’m such a sweater), it did “break the seal” a bit, but they still didn’t fall out. I did remove that earbud briefly, wipe out my ear with my finger, and replace it. With ease. I recently tried a different brand of earbuds that were supposed to stay in, and not only did they not stay in, but they were difficult to replace when they fell out. These just popped right back in, no problem, no need for adjusting or twisting.

3. They sound great. I love my music. I don’t always listen to music while running, but when I do, I want it to sound good. My double major in college was music, so I have a thing for music. These earbuds sound better than any other earbuds I’ve tried — but maybe that’s just because they stay in my ears. Either way, I like it.

Cons for me:

1. The cord is really, really long. As such, I accidentally bumped it one time and popped the earbud out of my left ear. It didn’t fall out, I pulled it out. That didn’t feel great. I’ve seen some runners drape the cord around the back of their neck, so I might try that on my next run and see if that shortens it up and solves the long cord problem.

2. I CAN’T HEAR YOU. Okay, this is both a pro and a con, but I put it in the con as I am writing this from the perspective of a runner. I’ll discuss the pro and con side of the issue for a balanced review. But yes, these earbuds fit so tightly and so well that even on low volume, I can’t hear jack going on around me. When I wore these on the elliptical in our family room/playroom/game room, I couldn’t hear the elliptical squeak (pro!) or the questions my kids were asking me because I was in their domain (pro!), but that also means that when I was out on the road, I couldn’t hear anything (con!). I have always been a “Wear One Earbud When You Are Road Running” person, but when I’m racing (and therefore the road is supposed to be blocked off and safe), I will wear both. (When I race with earbuds, which is about 70/30 not. I do train with music though, 80/20.) I wore both for the 10 Miler, and I heard nothing around me. I count this as a pro, because as I was running without friends, I just wanted to escape into my own world. I didn’t need to hear about what you ate for dinner with your friends last weekend as I heard when I pulled out the earbuds for the last half mile so I could concentrate on running hard — not my neighbor’s discussion. That said, I thought I would put both earbuds in on my short run around the neighborhood this weekend, and I did not feel safe doing so. So I tucked the extra earbud down into the bottom strap of my bra so it didn’t flop around, as I always do, and ran with one. I could hear sounds around me and great quality music together. Hooray! But I may use these when my kids are asking me eleventy billion questions. WHAT?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! TRY AGAIN LATER!

If I had received these as a gift from someone, I would love them. If you have a runner, a general exerciser/gym-go-er, a music lover, a transit commuter (block those sounds around you! comfortably!), or a teenager (let’s ignore mom and dad!), these really might make a great gift this holiday season.

Currently (11/18) on Amazon for as cheap at $30.29 (black/chrome).


Disclaimer: I received these free from Verizon Wireless. I didn’t have to write this. But I did. Awesome.

5 replies on “Gift Idea for Runners: Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphones”

Hmmm….I have a stocking that those might accidentally fall into. ;-) I tend to wear full-on bulky headphones-with-band under a hat because I have such a problem with earbuds and headphones falling out or away from where they’re sposed to be. Sounds like these might be the solution!

I decided to quit being a lurker in my reader and comment… I have a question. My husband is a runner and I’m xmas shopping the wonderful running things he needs… Anyway, he’s also a big work traveler and so on his list he’s wanting a good pair of earphones that will block out that undercurrent of airplane noise and work comfortable for running. Do you think, since the hearing is so “secure” (???) that these might “fit the bill”? Because most noise canceling are over the ear and frankly I don’t see him running with those. Ha ha ha…

Yes, I think these would be great for both aspects. I haven’t worn them on a plane yet, but really, BB was standing right next to me when I was on the elliptical and I could not hear him!

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