What I Wore Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, October 6, 2013

I can breathe again! I’m still fighting some allergies; they’ve improved, but before things got better, I got a cold on top of it and, wow, this past week was a struggle. But mommies don’t really have time to struggle, especially when they’re taking care of little ones with colds of their own — a cold that has turned into a wicked awful cough, by the way. My mommy heart breaks and my ears die a little every time he coughs.

At one point this week, with tissues stuffed up my nose while sitting in front of the computer, BigBrother asked me, “Why are you working? Aren’t you sick?” I had to explain that, for adults, we don’t necessarily just get to take the day off because we have a low grade fever. Deadlines must be met, conference calls must be had, and projects must be completed. Being an adult is tough. He learned a little bit of that as we practiced his spelling words in his bed so he could take his test when he finally went back to school.

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I realized at one point, however, that I’m tons better at taking care of sick kids than taking care of myself. All week, I said to BigBrother, “Are you drinking your water?” “Refill your water bottle.” “Drink more water!” Despite being sick myself, I did not drink one drop of water. Until I realized that fact on Friday and began drinking all of the water, of course. But not one! I said something about water to that child at least 50 times — and not once did I think, “Hey! I should hydrate too!” Not. Once.


Self-care is tricky; it’s hard to remember to sit still, to rest, to take care of myself when I need to just sit still, rest, and take care of myself. I feel like I still need to be on top of my game, still getting all of the things done despite functioning at 50 percent… or less. Though, to be fair to myself, I recognized how depleted I was one morning and went back to bed after LittleBrother went to school. Until 10:30. I had to work until stupid hours that night to make up for the sleeping in, but my body thanked me. A little bit.

I’m hopeful that we all improve this week… and that I remember to take care of myself.



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