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Fav Photo: The Boys Walking to Church

A Beautiful Sunrise

Training with Tech!
Regrammed by cbusmarathon with permission.

Fav Photo: Football!

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Some Saturday Links

  • You’re Right It’s a Beautiful Day by Jamie at Grumbles & Grunts. First off, language warning for my relatives. That said, it’s a must read about female health, mental health, and the place where they intersect. I personally can’t take hormonal birth control for similar reasons. Then, after you read Jamie’s post and congratulate her on feeling like a human being again, read My IUD Story by The Bare Milk Mama so you can add the completely messed up state of our healthcare system.

  • Pittsburgh Pierogies in Four Flavors by Casey Barber at Good Food Stories. I mean, I love pierogies on days that end in y, but OMG! The losing streak is over! It’s time for BUCTOBER, YOU GUYS! I normally only make pierogies during the holidays, but I think this calls for a special batch in all four of these flavors.

  • 13 Banned and Challenged Books for Kids by Allison at No Time for Flash Cards. It was Banned Books Week. We already own a number of the books on Allison’s list, but I think we need the rest. Banning books is silly.

  • In Which We Can Only Testify by Our Absence from Church by Anne Bogel at My core being related to every ache in this post, as I have been there and done that and still struggle with two boys who can dress themselves to get out the door and in the car and to the church on time… and then get something out of the service. It’s just. so. hard.

  • Baby DIY: Cardboard Cabin by Tanie at So, I don’t have a baby, but I have umpteen billion cardboard boxes and two boys who like to create things. Bam!

What’s the best thing you read this week?



Did you write elsewhere this week?


I’m nursing some allergies and trying to pack for a business trip on Monday. I hope your weekend is great!


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