What I Wore Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, September 22, 2013

I changed my outfit three times this morning. I never do that, but I found myself struggling with myself in general. Yesterday evening, I hit that crisis of self that happens after a drastic hair change. I felt silly, as I know that it looks great, that I’m still me, and that it grows back, of course, but still, I found my lip quivering as I looked at my reflection yesterday.

I finally settled on this blue dress, a comfortable piece in a color that I love. As I drove to church with the boys chattering in the back seat, I noticed that fall seemingly arrived overnight. Literally with the equinox and figuratively, making itself known in the sudden and beautiful presence of yellow on all the trees and bushes. The reds and oranges are fighting to make themselves known, make themselves seen too, but they’re a week or two off.

Blue Dress, Hematite Jewelry

The beauty of the change, even still slight in appearance, struck me, moved me. Sure, I’m not quite as majestic as a tree in fall, but beauty exists within and because of change. When a tree changes the color of its leaves, the tree itself doesn’t cease to be beautiful or to even be a tree. It’s still a tree; it’s still beautiful.


Silver Sequined Shoes

And so, I walked into church with my two boys with my head held high. It helps that I’ve figured out how to style my new mop. I’m pleased with the change, especially with how easy running feels with this new haircut!

For some perspective, to the left you will see last week’s length (and faded summer hair; I won’t apologize for it because I earned that making memories with my sons) and, to the right, this week’s length. Quite a change, no?

Last Week, This Week



Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristband

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