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This Week: Instagram, Links, and Elsewhere


Favorite Photo: Me & My Dad

Oh, my family. We know how to party, no?

Art Time After School

What Motivates Me? Duh.
Regrammed by the cbusmarathon with permission.

More on the FitBit Flex on Monday

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Some Saturday Links

  • I Am Proud of Me by Sassymonkey. I am also proud of my friend, not just for running this summer but for writing the post and sharing her journey. She’s running the Army Run 5K tomorrow. Go wish her a good run.

  • Deconstructed Dinners by Amy at Family Feedbag. Uh, genius. I’ll definitely be using this idea in our next two week menu plan.

  • When the Dream Becomes Reality by Casey at Life with Roozle. I’ve felt that same way, enamored with the dream of what parenting could look like and shocked by the reality. For me, it was the difference between the dream and the reality of working from home. Yes, it’s great but, wow, it’s a lot of work.

  • The Simplicity {and Significance} of Saying I Love You by Sarah at Simple Mom. I kind of look at people who say that “I love you” loses meaning when you say it too much like they have two heads. We say it all day, everyday in this house because, no, words aren’t just words. I love (ha!) this post.

  • SNAP — We Must Do Better by Holli Long (also syndicated on BlogHer). I want to jump up on the soap box with her and start a round of applause, because she nailed it. I loathe the judgment we pass on those who use state assistance for food. I am especially angered when Christians sit in a Bible study and start ranting about those who use all of “their hard-earned money,” while I sit next to them, having been a woman who used food stamps once (and yes, we left that church). Maybe I feel the extra compassion for having been judged, or maybe I’m just following the example of what my faith is supposed to stand for, or maybe I’m just being a decent human being. Whatever the case, I love this post. Read it. Internalize it. And then listen to “Hands” by Jewel or something and go care for people, okay?




It’s a lovely, gray, rainy, cool day here today. Our big plans involve cleaning and relaxing and generally gearing up for another busy week that starts on Sunday and doesn’t stop until Friday evening. I hope you find some time to recharge this weekend!

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I said it on twitter, but I’ll say it again here: You, my friend, are welcome on my soap box anytime. Thanks so much for sharing and for the support.

(ps…I also love Jack Johnson’s, “My Own Two Hands”…thinking of making a new playlist.)

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