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My favorite photo in this collage: Batman Spelling Words

The best Throwback Thursday EVER

What I Wear While Running: GREEN
Regrammed by cbusmarathon with permission.

Favorite photo in this collage: The three I love the most, so happy on the bumper cars
Hooray for Cedar Point!


Seven Saturday Links

  • The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible Fitspiration Photos by Kevin at ReEmbody. While everything in this post is spot on true, it’s also flipping hilarious. My favorite? Central heating is for quitters! FITNESS!! YEAH!

  • WFMAD Day 11: Do Writers Need an Internet Platform? by Laurie Halse Anderson. Lots of great advice about cutting the time you spend “building your online platform” and, you know, writing. Like this gem:

    I suspect that a lot of new writers put energy into their internet presence because it feels like a constructive thing to do and it is much easier than working on their book. Because writing books is hard. Writing books is so hard that it dredges up all of our anxieties and insecurities and it makes us feel small and scared and lonely.

  • Public High School in Oakland by Gabrielle at Design Mom. When the new Ohio Report Cards came out for schools, I got a bit verklempt about our scores, especially when I knew that some people in my life would look at our school district’s grades and feel somehow superior. I almost immediately shook that feeling, and this post, several weeks later, explains why I place absolutely no faith in the scoring of school districts. At all.

  • Where Slow Runners Are Made Fun Of by Amanda at There Are 2 Sides. Reading this post upset me, because while I have had great, inclusive, awesome experiences with the running community, I’ve also had at least one run in with a running snob. If my slow running (or, as another example that ticks me off: my underwear lines!) during a race are bothering you, you’re doing it wrong. As I tell my sons: Worry about yourself. I? Got this. Underwear lines, slow pace and all.

  • It’s Always What You Don’t Anticipate by Sarah at Toddler Summer. So much of parenting is about the stuff you don’t know to worry about or anticipate or plan for in any way. I remember this one.

  • Adios to Summer Running by Jessica at Keeping Mommy Sane. Oh yes. If you love Grease and you hate summer running, this post is for you. With a run in 58 degree weather yesterday, I’m happy again! HOORAY!

  • Dear Writers: Success Is Mattering to Someone by Kyran at BlogHer. As someone struggling to push past some self-doubt on things like word choice and count… as someone struggling to remind herself that success means simply writing it in the first place, this post was well timed.

    You don’t have to be the next big thing to be a success in writing, or in anything else. You just have to make the next thing that matters to someone and go on to make the next thing after that. One thing that matters after the other, for as long as you can. That’s work anyone can be proud of.



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