Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: School Schedules, Races, and Pacing

Things have picked up a bit since my Columbus (Half) Marathon training update two weeks ago.

Both boys being in school makes for easier training.

For all my angst and general woe about both boys heading to school, I have to admit that the transition not only went rather smoothly but resulted in an easier training schedule. One of the things I struggled with in my training last year when LittleBrother was at preschool for only a half day was getting my run in during that short amount of time, especially if it happened to be a day my husband worked at 24-hour shift. It was either run quickly or don’t run. I also didn’t really enjoy running long runs in the evening as evenings became the only time I had with BigBrother due to school. I always felt torn.

Now with both boys in school all day, five days a week? It’s awesome.

On a day that I know I want to run (usually 6+), I wake up extra early and get started on work an hour to two hours ahead of my normal start time. Once the boys get on the bus, I lace up my shoes and hit the road. I’ve even been trying out some new routes around our neighborhood. Craziness! I get home, hydrate, shower, and get back to work (while continuing the hydration). I’ll stick to this school hour running schedule more when the weather officially cools off. With the warmer weather lingering, I’ve been scheduling some runs when my husband is home; as he starts the bedtime routine at 7:00pm, I lace up and run. Last night, I ran with his headlamp around my waist.

Headlamp around my waist!


I ran my first Virtual 5 Miler.

I’m participating in the Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series hosted by Mommy Run Fast. I chose to run 5 mile races, and so I ran my first 5 mile virtual race on Monday, September 2 before we headed to The Farm for Labor Day festivities. I ran it in 49:44, an average of 9:56/mile. I was hoping for a faster baseline run for the four month challenge, but the humidity was thick and heavy.

I'm Really THAT Red
Don’t adjust your screen. I’m really THAT red.

My first two miles were okay: 9:38 and 9:36. I then started to fall off due to the humidity: 9:56, 10:23, 10:10. When 10:23 flashed at the end of mile 4, I kind of gave up a little bit and stopped pushing so hard, still a bit afraid of running myself into heat stroke. I hope the weather cools down for next month’s virtual race. I’d like to push myself a little more! My goal for this series doesn’t (yet?) have a definite time to beat, but I’d like to improve every month. (Oh! And the winners are up today!)


I’m a Columbus Marathon Instagram Ambassador!

In case you missed the quick blurb I made two Saturdays ago, I’ve been named an Instagram Ambassador for the Columbus Marathon! I’m very, very excited because I love me some running and I love me some Instagram. It’s the best mashup of two of my favorite things. Every week, the ambassadors will post on Instagram based on a prompt. Last week, I shared where I run. This week, I’m supposed to share what I wear while running. We’ll see what I come up with; I’ve had some good outfits over the past year, no?

See also:

#wiwsunday 8 mile run version. Gray Old Navy running shirt, gray sport tank, black sport capri leggings, blue runner shirts, blue Hanes socks, green #Mizuno shoes. Oh and fly sunglasses.

(Follow me: FireMom.)


So, about pace…

I have no idea what my pace will be for the half marathon. I just don’t. This stinking heat and humidity are both lingering longer than I had planned. I already wanted to be able to up my pace, but the heat remains my biggest enemy. It doesn’t matter how much water I bring with me or place along my route (or both). I begin to overheat around 6 miles. On my Thursday this past week, right around that 6 mile mark, my ears started in on the fluid filled feeling, which is now my own personal first warning of overheating; for me, it comes even before chills or goosebumps. I immediately dropped my pace and cut my run by a half mile. Shortly after dropping pace and chugging the rest of the water I had on me, my ears felt normal, but I knew I had to keep it at a steady, slow pace in order to finish without another heat injury.

So, no, I don’t know what I’m going to be capable of come October 20th. Since I haven’t been able to speed train as originally planned, I am abandoning my goal of a sub-2:00 half. If it happens to be cool on the morning of the race, I imagine I could PR, but not by much. I simply can’t maintain low 9-minute miles for over five miles. Someday maybe, but not yet. And it’s all good in the neighborhood.

Oh, and speaking of the neighborhood, I’m sticking to running here and on surrounding roads instead of on the trail for awhile. You know, since a woman reported seeing a mountain lion on the trail. I’m definitely not that fast.


Are you training for a race? How’s it going?

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I’m running a virtual 5k in October and I would love to have a better pace…. I am SLOW at 12+ minutes /mile. (that took a lot of math-slash-Google search to change 8 minutes/KM to miles! OOoof!) I would be happy to get below 11 minutes between now and then.

Yeah, training! You’re doing a great job! We need to make a running date for sometime in October before the half. I should be able to run actual distances by then. :)
My mom told me about the “cougar.’ haha I love C-bridge.

Super duper cool!!! I want to be an ambassador! And that must be awesome to be able to go and run in the morning. I’m definitely going to look at the virtual 5 and 10 milers and join you!

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