Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: Countdown to Columbus – 20 Days

Another week disappeared, and now we’re 20 days from the Columbus (Half) Marathon on October 20. Thinking about that fact makes my heart race a little bit, so let’s talk about what went on in my training this week.


My Back!

I felt great for my six mile run on Thursday (which is broken up on Runkeeper due to a bork). I even felt great afterwards, but then I got dressed, twisted wrong, and found myself in pretty agonizing pain. I didn’t panic though, and simply slapped on one of those wearable heating pads, chilled on the couch with my Big Guns Heating Pad, drank a bunch of water, took some medicine, and did what the doctor would have told me to do if I had called: rested. I skipped my four mile run on Friday, knowing that the flare up would most likely be un-flared by Sunday if I rested. It’s hard for me to rest, but I did, and I ran my eight mile run on Sunday without issue. Well, almost without issue.

Fall Allergies?! NO!

Fall allergies slammed into my face and lungs right around the same time as my back decided to take a vacation. Figures, right? I’m relying on lots of water, cold medicine, and more water. Hydration is key when you add in any kind of dehydrating cold medicine. I felt really proud that I slowed down my run yesterday in order to finish the full eight miles despite nearly drowning in my chest the day before. I’m learning a thing or two about running and my body. I like it.

Someone did question why I chose to run with a raging case of phlegm, coughs, and boogers. Well, the truth is that with 20 days left until the big day, my allergies should calm down and I should be breathing normally. But what if I’m not? I felt that training with boogers would help me in the long run in case I wake up on race day with more allergies or a cold or something else yucky. Besides, as long as you don’t have a fever, you can run. So I did! And it was good.


Plus, it’s gorgeous out there. Running up and down my hills right now makes me so happy — the beauty, the temperatures, all of it. Here are some scenes from runs this week.

A Church Will Live Here Someday

Down the Hill, Around the Bend, Turning Red

Yet Another Hill


This Is a LONG Hill

This Hillside Will Light Up in the Next Two Weeks

Note: All photos were taken while running. I’m getting kind of good at this, no?

Countdown to Columbus

My training video this week features my allergy heavy voice, though I sound better here than I did that morning. I talk a bit more about the Fitbit Flex from Verizon Wireless Midwest, which I’m absolutely loving. Next week, I’m going to give a thorough review of my favorite points of the Flex and Fitbit’s website and app. I figure three weeks of wearing it will give me enough to write about my likes, dislikes, and everything in between.

And so, here’s my fantastic video this week, wearing green, of course.

Note: I love my family.


Minus the back flare and the allergies, I’m feeling really good about the Columbus Half Marathon. I feel strong and (relatively) healthy. I know I have prepared as best I can up to this point, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my entire family at the finish line (or, you know, shortly thereafter).


Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristband

What I Wore Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Green jeans, black top, green lia sophia jewelry

What I Wore Sunday: Green jeans, black top, green lia sophia jewelry

I’m fighting some wicked fall allergies: a sore throat, a cough, and tons of phlegm. I’ve been fighting to keep up with my life, to not let these allergies throw me too far under the bus. We have a lot going on this time of year, and especially in the next few weeks. I’m leaving for Boston on business in the morning. The boys had soccer games this afternoon. I had to run an 8 mile long run for my Columbus Marathon training.

I didn’t have time to be sick.

Glacial by lia sophia

So I did what I do when I’m feeling a bit under the weather but don’t have time to curl up in bed and just be sick: I got up, I got showered, I took cold medicine, and I got dressed. I wanted to stay in comfy clothes under layers of blankets, but our lives didn’t allow for such luxuries. So I rolled with it.


I Love My Dog

Despite being a bit woozy and loopy due to the cold medicine, I had a good day. I even put the finishing touches on my presentation for my trip. I managed to pack without too much throwing around of clothes. I played an extra card game or three with LittleBrother. I read with BigBrother. I held it all together. I’m hopeful that I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel even better.

If not, I hope no one minds if I smell like Vicks in Boston. Advance apologies.

Glacial by lia sophia