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This Week: Instagram, Links and Elsewhere

Instaweek on Instagram

Another Beautiful Sunset

Fav Pic in This Collage: BB & Me on His First Day

A Sunset During a Run

Fav Pic in This Collage: Me & LB On His First Day

LB Needs a New Rain Coat

{Note: Since Instagram now allows embedding of video, I may officially abandon Vine. Also, Hi! Follow me on Instagram: FireMom.}


Six Saturday Links

{Note: I happily share these six links that moved me this week, but I want to apologize for being a bad blog reader/commenter this week. The whole “my baby went to Kindergarten” combined with finding our Back to School groove threw me off a little bit. If you wrote something awesome, please leave a link below. I’d love to read it.}

  • Vanilla Creme Cookie Sandwiches by Joanne at Eats Well with Others. Our youngest loves vanilla. Me too. And as Joanne says in this recipe, vanilla is never boring. We’ll be making these very soon!

  • Lessons from the Last Drops of Milk by Beth at Paper Doll Tales. A beautiful, so-very-true piece on motherhood that made me sniffle and nod and comment. And yes, I’ve stolen the last sip of a child’s day old milk in the fridge.

  • No More Parenting on the Sidelines: Things I Want My Kids to Know by Jessica at Longest Days. I featured this on BlogHer this week and it wins my Favorite Feature of the Week Award. We want so much for our children, but sometimes I wonder if we’re stopping to think about what all of that entails. I love her points. Here’s one of my favorites as an example:

    I never want them to believe they can do everything. No person can do everything. Instead I want them to learn how to live the life they were meant to live. And then live that life to the fullest.

  • Random Thoughts on Responsibility by Kimberly Hosey at Arizona Writer. I’ve been there — maybe not in the desert, but on an Ohio road. That realization that you don’t really want to run away with anyone else but your family is an important one.

  • One Day My Daughter’s Story Will Trump My Own by Rebecca at Sea Glass & Other Fragments. Yes. This. My daughter and my sons. This.

  • Your Happiness Is Not My Responsibility by Renee at FIMBY. Not even our kids’ happiness, you guys. It’s so true. Really, this is a must-read, especially if you’re dealing with grumpy people lately. Like whoa.

    One of the things that can hinder us moms and women from opening ourselves up to experiences where we are stretched in terms of hospitality and friendship, is the false notion that we are responsible for everyone’s happiness.

{Did you read something else great this week? Will you share it with me in the comments?}



Brothers, Back to School


We have a busy Saturday and a busy Sunday ahead of us. Life doesn’t stop for weekends. Be well.

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