Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: Running on the Road and Inspiration

It feels funny to be writing about training for the Columbus Half Marathon today — since I “skipped” my 6 mile and 12 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday. Let’s talk a little bit about training over the past two weeks.

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon

Running on the Road

In this two week span of training, I found myself camping and traveling to Chicago for BlogHer ’13. At camp, on the road in Indianapolis, and in Chicago, I stuck to my training schedule. Until I didn’t. On Saturday, I would have had to get up at 4:00 and run in the dark in a city that is not my own in order to fit in my run before I needed to work. (I can’t/don’t run on treadmills and still would have had to do so at 4:00. I woke up at 4:30 to work on Friday so I could run the 5K.) On Sunday, we left before 8:00am, and packing had to be done before an 11 hour travel day. I chose not to run my 6 mile and 12 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday, though I had an extra 3.1 in the BlogHer 5K Fun Run (for which I got a FitBit Zip!). I almost made up the 12 mile run today, but the exhaustion of working the conference caught up with me. I listened to my body again and took today as a normal rest day. The best part? This coming week is scheduled as a recovery week. I have three 5 mile runs and one 8 mile run. Then I’ll get back into training, on schedule, like usual.

Missing those two runs makes me feel bad, I won’t lie. My perfectionism pokes at my inner core. I’m left thinking thoughts like, “If you miss these runs, you’ll never succeed!” I know that’s not true. Life happens. I need to remember to roll with the punches, to allow room for life to be lived in addition to training.

Despite the missed runs, can I tell you how great it felt to run in different places? My camp run was filled with the quiet of early morning, fog, the serenity of a small creek, and other campers out doing the early morning thing. In Indianapolis, the heat melted me to the pavement, but the sun greeted me with love and reward.

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon in Indianapolis

And running in Chicago? Quite honestly, I wish I wouldn’t have missed those two runs because running in Chicago is my new favorite.


Training for the Columbus Half Marathon in Chicago

It helped that the weather stayed cool and breezy. I ran along the lake in one direction on Wednesday and the other direction on Thursday. Friday’s run took us in the same direction the next day, though we ended at the sponsor’s store, Best Buy. (That run is short on my map as I forgot to unpause somewhere and did not fix it.) The flat landscape and winds off the lake made me want to run, run and run some more. Maybe someday I’ll run the Chicago Marathon.


I shared how people have been contacting me about how I’ve inspired them to start running. Getting those emails and tweets has further inspired me to keep on keeping on.

And then this weekend at BlogHer, it happened in person.

People that I admire and work with and love lots and lots told me, to my face, that they have been inspired by my running. That they love following me on Twitter and Instagram with my #runjennarun updates. That, because of me, they are running again or considering running again or running a little bit further than they thought they could or signing up for a race or… on and on. People said this to my face. Face-to-face. I probably close-talked about running with people. I bumbled out some encouragement, all while thinking, “This is a very different conversation than I had last year. I am a very different person than I was last year. This? This feels good.”

One thing I took away from BlogHer ’13 is this: When we share our struggles, our challenges, our journeys toward a goal, we inevitably end up helping others in ways they didn’t know that they needed — and end up being inspired and encouraged in ways we didn’t know we needed ourselves. I will keep sharing my running in hopes that we can keep encouraging one another to step outside of our comfort zones and push that little extra.

I’m hopeful for some good training runs in the next two weeks. I do know that I’m learning more about listening to my body and pushing myself a little harder on various runs. I’m excited to see what these next two weeks bring to my running!



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6 Replies to “Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: Running on the Road and Inspiration”

  1. Nice update! I have struggled with that perfectionism myself; it’s been four weeks since I have run and it’s killing me! But you’re right, just getting out there is what matters . What beautiful runs you were able to complete! So great… Hope you enjoyed your trip!

    1. I’m behind on reading (conference season sucks the life out of my supposed free time), but I’ve been thinking of you as you deal with your stress fracture!

      I definitely enjoyed it. I’m hoping to return to normal energy levels tomorrow! heh

    1. Love you too! And yes, let go of guilt. Guilt doesn’t do anything good. (Which I can tell people, but stink at acknowledging myself. La la la.)

  2. Jenna, the Chicago marathon is a trip! On one hand it can be a little overwhelming with the tens of thousands of runners, but it’s like a huge party that never stops. The crowds are great. I’ve run two and would love to run another one again. For a first marathon, it’s a great choice.

    As for missing the runs, I know how you feel. Just know that you’ll be fine. It becomes an issue when you start making it a habit of missing runs (my husband, *ahem*). You’re gonna rock your half.

    1. I’ll keep Chicago in mind for 2014. Yes, I’m toying with the idea of a full. It makes my tummy hurt to think about it, but at this point, I feel like I have to at least TRY it.

      I ran my 5mi today (recovery week) and MAN, I’m having calf pain. Like whoa. I hope this week gives my legs a rest!

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