52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 21

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 21

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 21

What a busy week.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 21

Memorial Day, Mom and Boys


Memorial Day, Dad and Boys

I didn’t capture many photos of the boys together as they were busy on their own finishing preschool and first grade and playing in t-ball games and coach pitch baseball games and so on and so forth. Add in a joyous day with family, and the week flew by before I had a chance to think twice about the camera, the project.

Yesterday, we had a chance to slow down. We remembered. We spent time together. We grilled. We played in the yard. We relaxed. We went to the parade. We said the pledge. We read, we had our first movie night of the summer, we felt thankful.

This week, I’m sharing both photos, even though the boys aren’t even looking in the photo with their dad. We’re part of this weekly journey as well, part of our family. So every now and then, we get to smile in a photo too.


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I Finally Found a White Running Tank! (+Giveaway!)

Albion Fit, Classic Racerback Tank in White

Disclosure: I was provided a top by Albion Fit.

I’ve been searching for a white running tank for awhile now. I don’t own much white clothing because, well, I’m me and I spill things. However, I also hate getting overheated. While black may make you look thinner, that’s really not important to me when I’m out running; not overheating, on the other hand, is of key importance. I wanted a fabric that breathed and wicked away my (tons of) sweat. I also wanted that white color to help reflect the sun, not absorb the heck out of it while on lengthy runs.

Enter Albion Fit and their Classic Racerback tank.

Albion Fit, Classic Racerback Tank in White

Their Classic Racerback in White became the answer to my months long hunt. I chose this one when the company offered me a top because of the aforementioned requirements (it’s white, the high quality fabric has wicking and anti-microbial features) and the addition of a not-too-deep v-neck, flat seams to avoid chaffing and the little bit of design. When it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve taken it on three separate runs now, all in the upper-70’s, low-80’s, and I didn’t die of heat exhaustion. Bonus.

Albion Fit, Classic Racerback Tank in White
A before and after photo. The tank holds up well, is my preferred longer length, wicked just fine and didn’t become see through (as is a fear with white tanks) due to my massive amounts of sweat. Total winner!

Note: I do wear a sports bra under the tank due to my need for more support. I do like Albion Fit’s approach to bra-in-tank as it is less bulky than many other brands. Instead of having a full bra, front and back, the tank only has the lining and support of the bra in the front of the shirt. The back is just the normal, fitted tank. It is fitted enough that the “extra” support isn’t missed and, let me tell you, neither is that bulk. It’s a great fit!

If you’re wondering about the v-neck, it is not too deep. Just trust me.


I am excited that this top has become part of my running wardrobe for the summer. If I decided I need one more white top for the summer, I’m going with the Uline Top in White and Coral.

And now you can enter to win the Classic Racerback Tank in White! I’m giving away the Classic Racerback Tank in White in your preferred size (check out the fit guide).

To Enter:

Leave both of those actions in one comment as they both must be completed for the mandatory entry.

Extra entries:

Leave each action that you complete in the extra entries section (up to four total) in separate comments as they each count for one entry. The giveaway will be open through Monday, June 3, 2013. A random winner will be contacted via email for their information which will be shared directly and only with Albion Fit.

Not wanting to wait on the giveaway because you need that top now (or maybe this amazing bathing suit I already purchased for myself, and omg, trust me, it’s amazing)? Okay! Albion Fit has offered my readers a $15 discount code off of any purchase of $50 or more. Just enter stopdrop15 at checkout. (I *may* review the bathing suit that I bought before the end of the discount code so as to further entice you because, seriously, wow.)

Now, go ahead and enter or shop or what have you. Enjoy!