52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 17

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 17

Ooh, bikes!

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 17

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 17

Reason #598707 why we love our home: The perfect bike riding street.

For twenty minutes, I seriously stood in the middle of our street, making the boys ride their bikes down two driveways, turn around and ride toward me. Not a car came from the end of the street or the beginning of the street. Not one single car. It’s just perfect for learning how to ride your big kid bike.


It allows you to crash off the side into a ditch without being worried if a car will see you and run you over. It allows you to argue with your brother all the way down and all the way back without having to listen for the sound of on-coming traffic. It allows your mommy to just plop down, right in the middle of the street, and snap 80 pictures… some of which she will use in upcoming posts. Some of which she will frame because, oh, to capture one boy on a bike is a beautiful thing. To capture brothers on bikes is a beauty to treasure.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 17

Some of the outtakes, like above, will definitely make it into this week’s page-spread in the 52 Weeks photo book I’ll make of this series. Some of their individual shots will also make it into the book because, oh, my kids have some funny faces.

Funny Face

After I finished torturing them and got the photos I wanted, I got on my bike, riding back and forth with my boys. The clouds desperately tried to drop raindrops on our head, but only a few sprinkles fell here and there. At one point, I rode up next to LittleBrother. His tongue stuck out the side of his mouth. “Why is your tongue hanging out of your mouth, Booey?” He smiled. “I’m catching raindrops.”

Raindrop Catching

I love how these two find joy, even amongst the raindrops.


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