#WIWSunday: What I Wore Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, April 28, 2013

An accidental casual Sunday as we forgot that church was early today. We spent the day relaxing, searching for a table for the front porch so I can put my coffee cup down while waiting for the bus with my son, and retrieving children from grandparents.

A few notes about this outfit:

  • I’m ten kinds of stoked that those capris fit. I wore them for our family photos in 2009, and they were a smidge too tight back then. I found them crumpled in a box in the storage portion of the basement; the box appropriately labeled “pants n’at.” I slipped them on, did a little dance, as they buttoned, and ran back upstairs.

  • Yes, those are Crocs. The overwhelming response on Instagram ranged on shocked. So, yes, they’re Crocs. I scored them at an awesome sale at Big Lots. In fact, Big Lots frequently carries old styles of Crocs. I pick up the boys’ summer Crocs there every year. But yes, Crocs makes cute shoes. I really like these linen wedges and these leather wedges.

  • I’ve worn that Panorama necklace in a number of What I Wore Sundays before (1, 2), but not like in this photo. I forgot that you can twist it all up and wear it as a short necklace. My Lia Sophia representative showed me at the party I hosted last week, so I gave it a go this week. If you’re interested in buying some Lia Sophia jewelry, my party is open through this week. Go ahead and check out the shiny jewelry, and enter my name (Jenna Hatfield) as the host.

Later, the temperature dropped, so I grabbed my denim jacket before I ran out the door to grab the boys.

What I Wore Sunday, April 28, 2013

I’ve been working on wearing this denim jacket for a few weeks now. My mother-in-law bought it for me a few years ago, and I always struggle with how to wear it, what to pair it with, how to pull it off. Since the temperatures finally hit something akin to spring-like, I’ve been attempting to wear it more often.

Wearing Denim
Wearing Denim

I sometimes feel like denim jacket equals 1980’s, but sometimes I feel like it works. Almost. I’ve read a few pieces stating that denim jackets look great with maxi skirts and dresses, so I gave it a try. I’ll keep trying.

Oh! And this is my first What I Wore Sunday post featuring a 32-year-old me! Hooray!


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    1. Seriously. I check the Crocs section every time I hit Big Lots, just in case they have a good pair in any size that anyone wears or might wear soon. I wasn’t looking for those when I happened upon them, but you better believe I snatched them up!

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