52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Week 16

52 Weeks of Brotherhood

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 16

I meant to post this yesterday, but sometimes you just need to veg on the couch with your husband.

52 Weeks of Brotherhood, Week 16




This is what our days look like — when it’s not a day like today, all rain and thunder and gloom and slop. Now that spring decided to show up and bless us with temperatures somewhere above bone-chilling, we spend our time outside. Doing this. What is this, you ask?

First and foremost, to your left you will see a Wipeout course. I’ve written before as to how my sons possess big dreams of working on/for/with Wipeout someday. They practice in the present by setting up obstacle courses on the front lawn. Courses can include: a Little Tykes fire engine car, a wagon, a Toy Story tricycle, a tractor, a dump truck, and more. But always, always home plate at the end of the course, because you obviously have to have somewhere to jump, to land, to win. They spend hours climbing up and over. Falling down, crashing down. Rearranging, remaking, reimagining. I spend hours saying, “Don’t argue,” and, “Please be more careful,” as I sit in the chair or on a blanket and read, snap pictures, or get stepped on by the dog.

To the right you will see a light saber because we find ourselves still stuck somewhere in the deep muck of a Star Wars fixation. Always with the fighting of bad droids and re-enacting scenes that they still haven’t seen and telling me every single character in the LEGO Star Wars sticker book and on and on and on.

And of course, the dog.

Where we play, she also plays. Where we sit, she sits on our feet. Where we attempt to fall asleep on a blanket in the front yard after dinner while listening to Phil Collins, there she jumps on us because why sleep when you can run and jump and chase balls and bark at the people taking an after dinner walk?

The ornamental pear in the front yard, looking quite lovely in this photo, has nearly finished her bloom. These two boys — and that dog — haven’t yet finished their days and weeks and months of playing in the yard. For that I feel quite thankful. Light sabers and all.


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