One Week

As you read the title of my blog and instantly start rhyming things with Chinese chicken, I think it’s an appropriate time to bring up that my birthday is in one week. My husband keeps pestering me with the “What do you want for your birthday” question. I want to say, “It’s called Pinterest. Look at what I’ve pinned and you might get an idea!” But what I’ve pinned recently is mostly things to do with the kids that I’ll never actually do and food with lots of butter. That doesn’t really make it any easier.

Unless you want to bring me food with lots of real butter for my birthday. Or a roll of Amish butter. Oh yeah. Man, I love that stuff. Watching X-Files with no lights on.

Back to what I want for my birthday. I’ll be turning 32. I have no problems with my age, so this isn’t a post about that; I think turning 32 sounds just peachy.

1. Books.

I mean, obviously. Of course, this is a difficult one to say categorically. Because if I see a book I really, really want, I usually just buy it. Like last week, I found out that Ann Voskamp released a devotional based on her One Thousand Gifts book, so I bought it. Having an Amazon Prime account with free shipping and a Kindle Fire means that I’m never at a loss for books. However, here are five books that are on my radar that I have not yet purchased for reasons unknown… or known.

Book Collage

  • Mary Coin by Marisa Silver. What says “Happy Birthday” more than a book about a photographer who leaves her kids to pursue a story? It’s like I hate myself.
  • The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I was a big “camp kid” during the summers growing up. I think this sounds interesting. Also, as I am friends with a lot of camp friends on Facebook, I want to see if we’re as interesting as these fictional characters. My guess is that we’re far more interesting. Or not.
  • Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run by Kristin Armstrong. Sassymonkey told me to read this. I requested it from my library, but some jackwagon hasn’t returned it in eons, so my only hope is to buy it and hope it’s a good read.
  • Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society by Jay Bakker. As in The Bakkers. You know, Jim and Tammy Faye? I’m interested in the historical aspects of the story, of why someone who had been through all of that retained his faith. And, they put a bird on the book. Trendy!
  • Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed by Glennon Melton. Because, hi. It’s Momastery. Duh.

2. A running headband.

I have a giant head. I can’t wear most headbands because my head is huge and they give me headaches and/or fall/slip off. I think that these wicking headbands by bondiband would be good for me. Did I mention that I’m a sweater, so that anything that wicks is good? I obviously like the green.

Bondiband Headband

3. Another camera bag.

Again, obviously. But this Cheeky Lime chevron camera bag is sooooo Jenna. It obviously needs to be mine. Like yesterday.

Chevron Camera Bag


4. These amazing paintings.

Amazing Art

Left: Close Knit | Right: Three.

They speak for themselves, don’t they? I’d love both. I’d put them on our canvas wall, because holy crap, that’s some beautiful talent right there and belongs in a place of prominence in our living space. I have had them favorited on Etsy for awhile now, and I just stare at them sometimes. Amazing.

5. A Rose necklace.

I’m all about rosette earrings right now, so I obviously need a rose necklace to go with it. I actually think I want white, but any color would suffice.

Rose Necklace

And that’s about it.

Of course, I’d also like things for other people. Like a new collar and matching harness for Callie. Fun new summer shirts for the boys for summer. My husband needs new jeans, but I don’t think he would approve of buying himself some jeans for my birthday. I’d like to get some of my friends some really fun things that I keep eyeing for them, but hi, two mortgages still. Also, I’d like our old house to sell already. Sigh.

I have a tendency of wearing my mind on my sleeve.

Whatever I get or don’t get for my birthday, I will be so grateful for another year, another chance to do right by myself and those that I love, another chance to learn more about myself and the world at large. I am just so thankful to be living, to be breathing, to be loving.

Can’t understand what I mean? You soon will.


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3 Replies to “One Week”

  1. Those paintings. Oh my god. I want to just stare at them for hours, they are lovely!

    You may or may not have noticed, but I totally stalk you on Goodreads to see what you read and what you like. So, read on! It helps my list of never-ending holds and reading!

    Happy almost birthday, lady!

  2. Thanks for the earworm! Every now and then, I just need a good fix of Barenaked Ladies. I like the challenge of keeping up with the words.

    Great list! I love birthdays, mine or anyone else’s.

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