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17 Days of Green: The Eighth #17daysofgreen

17 Days of Green 2013

>17 Days of Green, Day 8

Printed jeans. I know. What?

I originally balked. Who wants printed jeans? They’ll be out of style in five point four seconds. Then I saw Lisa Leonard wearing them… and they looked really cute on her. By the time I read her post, the polka dot jeans at Target were back up to $25.00. Then I was skulking around J Crew looking for a (clearance priced, ahem) skirt, and I came across their version. But good gravy, I wasn’t paying $135.00 for a quickly ending trend. Nope. A few days later, I was on Walmart’s website looking for the same skirt (which apparently only exists in my head), and I saw that Walmart had its own spin on the printed jeans. In polka dots. For $15.88.

Well, hmm.

I stared at them for awhile. I tried to imagine if I could make at least four different outfits out of one pair of jeans. I can. I was worried they’d be too “old lady.” I was worried about Walmart’s quality. I was worried that the pants would be “too loud” for me; then I remembered that not only am I loud, but I really appreciate a pair of loud pants. In the end, the $0.97 shipping got me and I bought them.

And they’re flipping fantastic, you guys.

Will they last as long as J Crew’s? Probably not. But the trend won’t last that long either. So there. If you’re interested in trying out the printed jeans trend, specifically the polka dot trend, go with Walmart’s version and save yourself some money. Easy returns don’t hurt either in case you hate them. (But how could you, because omg! How cute are they!?!)

Other green that I came across today includes these tulip sprouts:


Oh, Spring. You are so close, I can almost reach out and pluck you out of the ground. I will refrain, however, so that you can grow and blossom.

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