17 Days of Green: The Seventh #17daysofgreen

17 Days of Green 2013

17 Days of Green: March 7, 2013

17 Days of Green, Day 7

My husband adores that dress, as do I. I wore it this week specifically to point out that you don’t have to banish all sundresses just because it’s winter. Sure, it’s a sleeveless sundress. Throw on a cardigan! Toss on some leggings! If it was snowing or a bit colder, thigh tights instead with some boots. BAM! Warmth and cuteness, without having to spend more money on summer vs. winter clothes.

The necklace is my absolute favorite. Ever. I mentioned it a few years ago here on the blog and Ceece bought it for me when I went to see her for my birthday. One word of warning: That necklace tangles like nobody’s business. Two years in a row I have had to have my cousin-in-law untangle it for me after traveling to a family gathering. I now wrap it in two separate pieces of paper towel when packing it to travel.


As for other green in my day today, I wore these awesome socks:


…and then ran 10 miles. Kind of accidentally. I was supposed to run nine miles. I must have had my earbud out (I only wear one while running) while making a turnaround on one end of my route. The next thing I knew, it was telling me that I had run 9.5 miles and I figured, “Well, why not run 10 miles then?” I ran 10.22. Maybe it was the socks. Whatever the case, I am thankful. And tired.

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